Resignation of Pope: How Might This Affect Bible Prophecy? Watch and Find Out!


It’s the Prophecy of St. Malachy, which states that the pope following Benedict will be the final pope, the one who is responsible for destroying Rome & assisting the antichrist of the end times. The next pope, according to this prophecy, will be known as “Peter the Roman”, and whether or not his applied name is actually Peter doesn’t seem to matter, because all popes can technically be called Peter the Roman, or the Roman Pope, since they claim Peter the disciple as the first pope. By this prophecy, it would seem that the next pope will take on the identity of the false prophet of Revelation. If you want to read about it, get the book, Petrus Romanus, the final pope is here.

And, here is a video by Hal Lindsey, which gives even more remarkable details regarding the same issue:

If you are unaware of the recent resignation of the Pope, CLICK HERE

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