Persecuted Christian Teens Around the World

Quotes, stories, and pictures of Persecuted Christian teens… China, Nigeria, Columbia, Egypt, Eritrea…. set to Casting CrownsPraise You in the Storm”. The information in this slideshow was gathered from,, and Voice of the Martyrs magazine. The slideshow was originally shown at a youth service for Agawam Church of the Bible. If you are interested in learning more about the persecuted church, please visit the aforementioned websites!

About Lyn Leahz

I am a Christian author using my gift of writing to glorify Jesus. Please check out book one, Soul Deceiver, in my three part Eternal Soul Series, available through Thomas Nelson-Westbow Press. CLICK HERE My hope is to bring people to repentance through my writing, and to bring those who do not know Him as Lord of their lives to the cross of Jesus Christ. May all be blessed, because there isn't much time left! Jesus Christ is coming soon! "Ready or not! Here I come!" Are you ready? My websites:,
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5 Responses to Persecuted Christian Teens Around the World

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  2. So sad and yet at the same time so inspiring. Thanks for sharing. p.s. I love that song too! Blessings to you

  3. ptl2010 says:

    The enemy knows his time is limited and is employing every and any strategy to deny the Word to the children and young people, who if The Lord tarries, are the future of the Church. The enemy wants to intimidate parents and all who propagate God’s purposes and ways. We must remain resolute and watchful for each other. Watch and pray that we yield not to temptation or the enemy’s wily traps.

    Lord make us faithful to the end, protect us, our families and all your children, and let us know Your victory in Your time. Hallelujah!

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