Dim Sum – Right or wrong?

Dim Sum – Right or wrong?

I fetched my niece, Mandy from kindergarten yesterday. She’s four years old. She was strapped in her kiddy chair right behind me in the driver’s seat.

“Mandy, how many friends do you have now?” I asked.

“Mak- koh (father’s elder sister).only five.. others are my classmates.”

“What are their names, Mandy?”

“Jia wei, Dhillon (he’s my boy-friend), Karen, Jesus and God”

“Mandy, who is Jesus?”

” Jesus, He is my friend, I call “Jesus” when I am alone
I call “Jesus” when I am afraid. He is like my mummy when she is not
with me .”

“Mandy, who is God?”

” God is my daddy when he is not around.”

Brother Mark who was sitting next to me is 10 years old. As usual, he has to outsmart his sister.

“Mandy, who is the Holy Spirit?” asked Mark with glee.

“Mak- koh, who is the Holy Spirit?” Mandy asked.

“Mandy, the Holy Spirit is with you all the time” interrupted Mark.

“Mak-koh, is He here, right in this car?” asked Mandy.

“Mandy, yes He is here..and you can talk to Him” advised Mark.

“Mak-koh can we talk to Him and ask Jesus and God to be here also?”

And so we reached their home.

Who is God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to you TODAY?

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