Testimonies – Touched by God

TESTIMONIES –  Touched by God

 Real stories make an impact! Write and share it here!

Has your life been touched by the Lord?

You must want to tell someone of the

  • amazing grace and love that touched your life and changed your heart with His salvation from sin?
  • sustaining empowerment you have received from His Holy Spirit presence and power
  • healing which only He can bring to pass
  • protection and deliverance from evil and the paths of unrighteousness
  • transformation that has taken place in your life
  • the hope that lieth in you which He has affirmed within you.

 Don’t just live your Christian life, share it so you may

  • affirm to yourself the good work that has begun in you
  • witness and record His goodness and put the devil to shame
  • share your thanksgiving and praise and
  • pass on that blessing that you have received directly to the reader for encouragement
  • multiply your blessing and pass on that blessing through the reader to someone today.

Provide a tool to yourself and others for witnessing, for real stories impact lives in pain, despair and without hope.

 Go and tell was the commission to the

  • Angels  to proclaim Messiah’s coming to the prophets of old, Mary, the shepherds
  • Samaritan woman at the well whose sins were forgiven
  • Blind Bartimeaus who was healed
  • Ten lepers who were cleansed and healed

and to you who was unworthy but made worthy because He touched your life, record your story and God’s message through you here.

David said “The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.” Psalm 19:7

John the Baptist said “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness…. Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world… and I saw and bare record that this is the Son of God…He must increase and I must decrease”. John 3:30

Record your story here

  • to glorify God 
  • to all who will  read and hear
  • and may the Lord’s anointing be upon your dynamic testimonies that are recorded,
  • that lives will be touched and re-touched in His time and place.

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