Dim Sum – Have you been duped ?

Have you been duped without realizing it?

There are quite a number of living first generation Chinese Christians who were saved under the ministry of Watchman Nee (1903-1972) and his disciples in China,Taiwan, Singapore,Thailand and the Philippines. Many are staunch in their Christian beliefs and were the pioneers of churches which still exist under theleadership of their second generation Chinese Christians.

How many years have you been a Christian? 1,2,5,7,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60.75 years! So proud that you have lasted so long? Waking up, saying a prayer for the day, reading a Bible verse, reading a daily devotion, going out to the world, needs met, sleeping. Waking up, saying a prayer for the day, reading a Bible verse, reading a daily devotion, going out to the world, needs met, some struggle, sleeping, waking up, saying a prayer for the day, reading a Bible verse, reading a daily devotion, going out to the world, needs met, some struggle, sleeping and so the routine, rut goes on and on and on, day in, day out, day in, day out, till it becomes a stupor, automatic reflex, the rut following a pattern for daily living with mindless following of a lifestyle, no pain, no confrontation, I am happy, you are happy……..you’ve been tricked, duped!

The lethargy, the stupor, the routine, the rut. – they are all the same technique of the enemy to get Christians to think that life is a bed of roses, or it is OK, the enemy has left me alone. This condition causes us to let our guard down and we do not even know it when
– KPOW!!! we have been hit by depression or discouragement or burn-out!!! Or anaesthetized by the enemy of our souls
– we have been tricked and even shortchanged by the master of deception, .because we have become luke-warm.
– we begin to backslide on the slippery road of unbelief and make-belief.

If we are not progressing we cannot stand still – we must be regressing.

Are we caught in indifference or being idle? Have we become hardened and self-satisfied? Are we involved in pasturing, teaching Sunday School, in the worship team or in youth ministry or cell groups – have we become half hearted participants, preferring politely to let others do the job which we are supposed to do? Have our ministry activities become a chore or a burden? Are we arriving late for church services and meetings? Perhaps even missing out on the worship session before the message? Are we always leaving church early for another appointment before the service is over? Do we shake-hands with our eyes on someone else than the one whose hand we are holding?

Are we self-satisfied, and enjoying the pleasures of this world, money, security, material possessions- which are dangerous because they are temporary satisfactions and make us indifferent to God’s offer of lasting satisfaction? lf we find ourselves feeling indifferent to church, to God or to the Bible, we have begun to shut God out of our lives.

Leave the door of your heart constantly open to God, and you won’t need to worry about hearing His voice. Letting him in is your only hope for lasting fulfillment.

Revelations 3:15 :I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So because you are luke-warm – neither hot nor cold- I am about to spit you out of my mouth.
God’s purpose is to discipline his child unless he/she turns from indifference toward Him. God’s purpose in discipline is not to punish, but to bring His people back to Him. Are you lukewarm in your devotion to God? God may discipline you to help you out of your uncaring attitude. You can however avoid or preempt God’s discipline by drawing near to Him again through confession, service, worship and studying his Word. Just like the spark of love can be rekindled in a marriage, so the Holy Spirit can reignite our zeal for God when we allow him to work in our hearts.

Jesus is knocking at your heart’s door every time you sense you should turn to him. Jesus wants to have fellowship with you, and He wants you to open up to Him He is patient and persistent in trying to get through to you – not breaking and entering, but knocking. He allows you to decide whether or not to open your lives to Him. Do you intentionally keep your life-changing Presence and Power on the other side of the door?

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1 Response to Dim Sum – Have you been duped ?

  1. rickroehm says:

    Don’t be duped…The power of God comes through “preaching the Gospel”. Paul said the Gospel was the power of God unto Salvation. Rom. 1:16 Christ commanded the disciples to preach, preach, preach about Him. Telling the world about Christ allows the power of God to be heard and recognized…in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. The Gospel manifests the person of Christ. This power I am commenting about “flows” from the cross and from the Throneroom where Christ is exalted NOW! PRESENT TENSE! The lost need to hear about the person of Christ present tense. The saved need to hear about the person of Christ present tense. Why? Christ makes us accountable to His holy presence. Accountability to God! Living the holy life. Having a holy heart! On fire for Christ! Sold out to Christ! Not sinning religion! Rich in Christ! On fire! Not relaxed! Not lukewarm!

    Don’t be duped…This “lukewarm” society that has stemmed from many various teachings and doctrines of men in China, Taiwan, Singapore…is also rampant in the U.S. . Man made religion and doctrines of men have caused people to become lukewarm in relationship and accountability to Christ in holiness and right living. This is where the Devil wants people.

    Don’t be duped…When John wrote to the seven Elders (angels) he spoke of the Church of Laodicea which is the seventh Church that represents a miniature picture of this last Age we are now living in now. The Church of Laodicea…a lukewarm Church. This Church Age makes God want to spue them out of His mouth. Simply put, “It makes God want to vomit”.

    Rev 3:16…So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

    Don’t be duped…The lukewarm attitude has to go. The lax attitude of praying, sinning, reading the Bible, being religious hast of go. God needs a people that are in fire for Him and the truth of His Word. He wants people that are accountable every minute of every day and night. He wants people who won’t shut up about Christ. Filled with the Spirit! Sanctified holy! Not confessing to be saved..but having a confession of who He is and what He’s doing…now present tense.

    I can’t shut up about Christ because of what he did for me 23 years ago…and what He’s doing for me right now present tense! the Christian life has meaning to me. I know God wants me to be holy. I’m not lukewarm I’m on fire. Christ made me that way! Christ don’t want me to be duped with a lax attitude. Perhaps this Blog at Christian Blessings will prompt a reader to get on fire for Christ. It deters anyone from being …duped as PTL2010 stated above. Perhaps it will light the fire. Glory!

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