Made Righteous in Him

When Jesus was on the cross, there was a divine exchange between Jesus and the people.  All of our sins were put on Him and He became our sin.  And all of His righteousness was put upon the people and we became the righteousness of God.  This righteousness is a gift of God.  2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 3:25&26

Death and unrighteousness came into all mankind through Adam, but the gift of righteousness and life comes in through Christ Jesus to those that receive Him.  Romans 5:17&18

Why is this gift of righteousness so important to us as Christians?  Righteousness means that we are right before God and in right standing with Him.  He sees us through the righteousness that Jesus imparted to us at the cross.  When God sees me, He sees me as the person He created me to be.  Although, it is imperative that God sees us as righteous, we must also see ourselves as righteous.  If we fail to see ourselves as righteous before God, then we will most likely develop a sin consciousness.

In the OT, the practice of constant sacrifice allowed the Israelites to maintain a degree of righteousness.  But, this righteousness was temporary and imperfect since it needed continual sacrifices.  The gift of righteousness that we have in Christ Jesus, is once and for all.

What is sin consciousness?  It is a conscience that is geared toward shame, guilt, and condemnation.  The sin conscience person will flee from the presence of God or draw back from Him.  Hebrews 10:39

We cannot be both righteous and unrighteous (a sinner).  Though, we can commit unrighteous acts, this does not make us unrighteous.  We have the promise of confession and forgiveness.

There are churches all over the world that teach us that we are nothing more than mere ‘sinners’.  However, this is not how God sees us.  God sees us in Christ Jesus and we are seen as righteous by Him.

What is the danger of being  sin conscious?  Our faith is ineffective and fear becomes our motivation. We practice false humility.  We become judges of all that others say and do.  We live under a shadow of guilt and shame and we are too quick to condemn others.  We rob ourselves (and others) of being able to have a close and intimate relationship with God.  Our praise and worship is not in truth and in spirit.

What is the advantage in relying on and remembering the gift of righteousness in our lives?  Things around us begin to change.   Our faith is energized and effective.  We are free to walk in the power of His Spirit and He puts His desires within us.  We experience a close and intimate relationship with Him and are empowered by this relationship.  We are free to worship and praise Him in truth and in spirit.

Righteousness is not a license to sin, but it is a license to be made right before God, regardless of our works or lack thereof.

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2 Responses to Made Righteous in Him

  1. rickroehm says:

    My sister,

    This Blog is like music to the soul. It is rest for the weary and transformation to the unrighteous. Yes, righteousness is a gift that comes from God’s Grace. Righteousness is “not” obtained by human effort. Righteousness is obtained from the person of Christ and imputed to the believer as a result of Christ’s Divine presence.

    Scriptures teach…by the obedience of Christ many are “made righteous”

    It makes me glad to see others confess the truth about the gift of righteousness. May those who do not know about the righteousness of God imputed to the human soul be touched by this beautiful and inspired Blog by Debradoo.

    This is an excellent Gospel tract…to be viewed around the world…for Christ.

  2. ptl2010 says:

    What a treasure .. thanks Debradoo for this reminder… we stand in Christ’s righteousness alone. No works of our own can make us righteous enough to meet God’s standard. Praise God there is now no condemnation in Christ Jesus.

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