A Grace -full Mystery

It was dusk and the sunset had lit the icy, snow covered, back road to Glenwood. I was making my way through it to my home and family. There were few cars, and I was thinking about staying over until things cleared.

A car showed at the top of the hill, and between the labored movements of the wipers, I caught his lights sweeping like a lighthouse beacon across the road. It had struck the inside rock wall and that bordered his side of the road. His car was careening toward me from the top of the hill. My side had no rail and an immediate steep drop off with no shoulder.

This time I had more time to consider my choices. We were both moving. Perhaps I could time it just right? A voice said, “Stop!”
I thought there might be some chance of making it by.

My thoughts turned to a last year’s incident in the same area where a around a sharp bend a Semi had jack-knifed and filled the slope. My choice was only – where I would choose to hit him?…there was no stopping on the ice. I chose one of his big tires, and caved in the side of my new station wagon. I received only a sore shoulder.

Again, the voice interrupted, more emphaticly, “Stop … Now!

I stopped, and closed my eyes as the light flashed across my windsheid. A horn was sounding. Whoosh. I felt my car rock slightly. Then nothing. I sat there shaking. Then reached for my flashlight in the glove box.

The other car had ended up sideways at the bottom of the hill. I turned my light uphill and found new snow tracks churning circular until about fifteen feet from my car, the tracks had straightened beside the narrow space between the cars inches from mine – only to continue moving round and round as far as my light would reach downhill.

No way could this have been possible: Except by God’s intervention. It did not stop there. I found a motel, returned home, contacted the home office and resigned from the territory, determined never again to face the same prospect. Within a week of staying home, wondering what’s next, I was asked, a twenty six years old, to take over as regional salesmanager of the North Central U.S. for that same national Company.

What exactly was God’s plan. Save me or reward me? Obviously, both.
My answer comes clearly in Acts 13, “Behold….. For I will work a work in your days; A work that ye in no wise will believe, though a man declare it to you”.

No man told me this, save God himself. Would I not listen for that voice in my comings and goings?
What would you do if it were you; Stop or Go?

About 4hispraise

I am quite simply a child of our Lord God. What good that I have done or may do, I pray will reflect solely on the presence of The Holy Spirit who speaks for me in all things.
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1 Response to A Grace -full Mystery

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Thank you for sharing your testimony 4his praise. Indeed the Lord was there with you when no one else was. He did not leave you alone but kept you safe. Praise the Lord you live to tell the story of His amazing grace.
    The Bible tells us He neither slumbers nor sleeps. Indeed He was watching over you.
    He is the same yesterday, today and forever. As He was, so is He. The incident could have happened many years ago and He has not changed. He still watches over His children by day and by night.
    He still speaks to His children in life’s decisions including emergency situations when we ourselves are not aware of the gravity of the full situation – He is in control. This is our God who still cares for us individually and responds at the points of our needs for protection, for employment, for the future and in emergencies.
    Surely great is the Lord and worthy of praise. Surely great is His faithfulness to us-ward as morning by morning, new mercies we see.
    His promises are ever true.

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