My sister was hospitalized last week for a gall bladder issue. Today she is still in hospital sans a gallbladder. Praise the Lord!

I am no medical student so am writing as just a layman witness, pardon me, all you wise medical folks.

One would have thought that it would have been done over in less than a week.
However, no in my sister’s case it was worse than giving birth she said as she rolled in pain with little relief in sight for like an eternity (last two weeks) as medically, she always had to be different. .

As is usual for her anytime, she is un-well, it will be accompanied by nausea and endless vomiting. So she had that with her through this last two weeks even after the operation. But that was not all. In addition to the pain inflicted by the gall bladder stones acting up, she had jaundice which would not let go even after a few large stones were extracted from her inflamed bile duct and it was slightly enlarged procedurally. Her face looked yellow, including the whites of her eyes. She was belching not with smoke but with gas throughout. She had high temperature above 39 degrees and the brave doctors who saw her prescribed that it would be better that she undergo two procedures than one because of her existing infection to avoid sepsis – to extract in an emergency procedure the stones that were affecting the working of the liver and causing the jaundice and then to remove the gall bladder finally.

One day it was wait till next week to operate to cut off the source of all her pain and groans, and on the last day it was there is no more time to wait, let’s scrub and get it out inspite of the fever!

No, I cannot talk anymore about the pain she suffered as I stood helplessly by.
But I can talk about the attitude of two doctors I saw and heard about.

One doctor who was near and dear who stood by my sister once her case was brought to his attention and he told her last night, “ you could have called me even at 3am as there could have been a mess and the clearing of it could have put you straight into the ICU. You should have called me, that is what we doctors are here for yes, 24 hours a day.” He got the surgeon and the anaesthetist finally and we knew that the Lord had brought the whole team together for my sister, spanning two hospitals and in one half day when she really needed it. Then on his visit last evening to her bedside in the hospital he said, “ not to worry I wont be charging you for this visit, we have become friends these two weeks” – personification of commitment and dedication.

Another doctor from another hospital was informed last week of my sister’s condition he was told of her need for an operation and he had been suggested as the surgeon. Would not see her for he had no time. When at last he was asked to operate. No time there is a holiday upcoming, let me celebrate first and then we will operate next week – personification of recklessness.

What can I say but that sometimes we fall into the category of the second doctor when we know there is sin in our lives. We would rather play around with sin and let it bite us and others and cause us to be near death, than to cut away from it immediately. How often we need to be like the first doctor – watchful, monitoring and once action was needed, he sprang into action even though he had to run a hurdle race with many hurdles in between to accomplish the race that was set for him when my sister came into agonizing sight.

Let us always be ready to do what He commands us regarding sins in our own lives or even in others if we can help them. Yes twenty four hours a day if necessary to be responsible rather than be reckless, like the one who would procrastinate and risk life for a season of celebration in his life without caring about his Hippocratic oath.

May the Lord help us to be instant with His Word in and out of season and if He calls us, to obey and not frolic with sin in our own lives and others.

Get right out there and live – for Jesus. Be blessed.

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