CLICK A BLESSING TODAY – No, that is not mine!

We had just nipped into a mammoth sale at the warehouse during school hours (she was not in kindergarten as she had been given a day off because of a runny nose and was on the way home from the doctor’s) and it was deserted as the store had just opened for one hour. I had wanted to get a reward for my niece for her good behaviour the day before, and had bought her a Miss Chastterbox design umbrella in her favourite colour pink. It was a difficult choice between the umbrella and a beautiful swimming accessory which she fingered and almost persuaded me to buy for her at such a marked-down price. No, I said on principle, she would get only one reward as I promised, for the effort she had put into yesterday’s chores.

We paid for the umbrella and enroute to the empty car-park, we saw this colourful swimming accessory, similar to the one I resisted buying for my niece earlier, being blown about by the wind in the carpark with no one in sight. There was a gust of wind and it flew enticingly in front of my niece. She wanted to pick it up but held back and instead looked up at me. She said with some envy in her voice “That is exactly like the one I wanted just now.” I looked around and seeing that the car-park was devoid of anyone – no baby, no child, no adult, I picked up the swimming accessory and said to my niece “It is yours, God gave it to you.” She recoiled and said, “No my daddy said I must not take what does not belong to me.” I finally persuaded her that the accessory did not belong to anybody now as the owner who had paid for it had lost it and was nowhere in sight.

She was hesitant at taking the accessory into the car but she did finally. Once strapped into her car-seat, she said “That does not belong to me, my daddy said I cannot take somebody else’s. If I am in the store, and somebody dropped something, my daddy said, I must pick it up and give it back to who dropped it or I must give it to the salesgirl or I must ask my daddy to pay for it.” She picked up the accessory and said
“ Now you can pick up this thing (shoving the accessory in front of my face) but you have no one to ask or give it to and you cannot pay for it in the car-park.” I started the car and turned to her and said “Yes, you have no one to ask or give it to, or to pay for it in the car-park. Because it belongs to nobody now, you can take it. God gave it to you for being a good girl yesterday. I did not.” “OK I shall ask my daddy if I can keep it when he comes back from work. He said I cannot take anybody else’s things.” When her daddy returned from work she asked him if she could keep the accessory and he had said “yes”. She was so happy and got on the phone quickly to tell me.. ” Jesus gives me the toy as my daddy says I can keep it…. I must thank Him now.” “Thank You Jesus.”

How many of us are guilty of
 Taking home something which belongs to the office e.g. a ball-point pen or stationary
 Making it a habit to work less than the scheduled number of hours we are supposed to work by arriving perpetually late for work or going home early or having extended lunches? Or skiving without permission during the work day?
 Copying others’ work when we should not and claim it as our own?
 Just not being truthful in our conduct?

The Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart. I Samuel 16:7

Herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward man. Acts 24:16

I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost. Romans 9:1

Let us be blessed today by clearing our conscience and confessing for unseen sins we thought nobody noticed. The Lord looks on the heart although man looks on the outward appearance.

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