CLICK A BLESSING TODAY – Above all You reign!

In days of yore when Jesus walked among the sick and suffering
In compassion He poured out His love as He touched them everyone who came to Him.
There was no sickness or affliction too difficult for Him to heal
And as He touched them His healing virtue flowed to them
And He made them whole.

Today I visited my father’s good friend in hospital
And he lay there hooked up to tubes which sustained his life
Many are the complications of his medical problems
The medical specialists are testing and monitoring his heartbeat, sugar level and colour
Is he improving or are his vital signs reversing?
They can only try and test and think what they next might do
And know that he is dependent on the touch of the Healer and His healing virtue
To make the patient whole.

There lay my father’s good friend on the hospital bed
I stretched out my hands to clasp his needle-pierced hand
All clammy and cold, his face so worry-worn, his heart needing a pace-maker
O God I cried, this cannot be Your will for my father’s friend, uncle
He loves You, he cares for his friends and family, why this Lord?
He came only for a pace-maker but complications to kidneys and lungs arose
What is happening Lord? You are in control.

Dear Lord , You are here, to help and heal uncle,
to show Your might and power to this family and loved ones.
I thank You that You are his Creator and Healer
So lay your healing hand upon my uncle, and let Your healing virtue flow
From the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, raise him up I pray.
Heal every fibre and cell of his afflicted body for You are able
Encourage his heart and let Him know that You are the Great Physician
You are the Lord Almighty in his situation and may your peace and joy which passeth all understanding fill his heart today.
I accept Your healing for uncle in Your name and I reject everything that is negative in the outlook, in the impact of medicines that are pumped into him and every thought
Lord of hope and grace, have mercy on Your child this day
Bless him with new life in You and restore him to health once again
To live for You as You inspire him and to be your channel of blessing to others.
Make him whole in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Thank You Jesus.
And You can heal those who are sick if they would call upon You
Give peace and joy in the midst of needles, drugs and test results
O Lord be near each one for You are their Deliverer and keep them safe in Your love.
Bless each one today I pray with Your Presence in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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