Mission of Mercy to the Karen refugees

Posting on behalf of the SEED MINISTRY
S trategic E quipping, E mpowering & D eployment

The recent skirmishes at the Thai-Myanmar border between the Burmese military and ethnic resistance forces is a stark reminder that one of the longest running wars in human history still cries out for action against an illegal military junta that kills its own people.

From 22 Nov to 3 Dec 2010, a SEED team of six members will visit and minister at two major refugee camps along the border – something we have been involved in for 18 years. One of the camps is near Maesot, close to where the clashes are happening, and where most of the fresh refugees are encamped.

Beside bringing the usual material aid – medicine, clothes, blankets, essential supplies and support for orphanages, Bible schools, churches, clinics etc. -we will conduct teaching sessions for Pastors, church leaders, Bible school students and children. This time, two pastors from Nagaland will join us.

BUDGET for this Mission of Mercy is about Sing$14,000/=. (about USD10k)
Be part of this mission thru your giving.

We covet your prayers:
– for protection as we travel by air and overland, especially into the mountainous
areas by four-wheel-drive vehicles, and near the war zones;
– for good health: the water, food and sanitation conditions can be hazardous;
– for protection from diseases: malaria is No.1 killer in mosquito-infested areas;
– for anointing of Holy Spirit as we minister to the people;
– for unity and good teamwork among our members;
– for the leaders and children to be receptive to what God does thru us.
– for the budget to be met.

Please see * attachment for the itinerary and follow us in your prayers.
May God’s abundant blessings and favour be upon you as you remember us.


Allan Chan
SEED Ministries Limited
P.O. Box 1072
MacPherson Road Post Office
Singapore 913412.
Website: http://www.seed-ministries.org
“Touching people, changing lives”

NOTE from PTL2010 : I have the Attachment in hand and will post after the mission trip for security and safety of mission trippers during the trip.


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