Breaking bread, what an honor!

In the ancient world, an invitation to break bread with someone was considered a great honor. In the Holy Land, it remains so even today. This was more than an invitation to share a meal, but a sign of deep friendship. To reject the invitation was to reject the person offering the invitation.

At the Passover Feast, Jesus “broke bread” with His disciples. While doing so, He said they were no longer servants. “Today, I call you friends.” Ponder that a moment… being a friend to Jesus, the Son of God. Not a servant, a friend! I shudder to think about all that means.

Even Judas was invited to break bread with Jesus. Yet Jesus broke the bread, dipped it in the wine and handed it to the man He knew would betray Him. You do not break bread with an enemy. You break bread with a friend. Even before His betrayal, Jesus was forgiving this man who would soon betray Him. I am truly in awe of this man, Jesus, that even He could do such a thing.

We, as Christians, are invited to the Table of Jesus. We are invited to break bread with Him. “Take, eat… do this in remembrance of Me.” What a marvelous honor! Would we dare to refuse?

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2 Responses to Breaking bread, what an honor!

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Breaking of bread at the communion table is
    – not only in accordance with His command,
    – also a time of reflection for the work He has done on our behalf
    – a time to express appreciation and thanksgiving for His sacrifice for us
    – a time to express repentance if appropriate for sins committed and not confessed
    – a time to renew commitment to living for Him
    – a time for appropriating His healing work in our bodies and lives
    – a time to reflect on the hope that He will come to take us to be with Him because He lives
    – a time to thank Him for the hope of reunion with loved ones gone before
    – a time to praise Him for the work He has begun in our lives and to ask Him to continue to completion as long as He lends us breath.

    Those who do not partake of Communion are really missing out on the benefits of Communion. If you have not partaken of Communion with the Lord.. I encourage you do so with brothers and sisters in Christ… for the joy that is before us in the resurrection and the victory that we can have in Him.

    • Sharing Communion with others in the Body of Christ is one of the most significant acts of worship I can think of. It’s humbling. It’s inspiring.

      Thanks, always, for your comment, dear sister.

      Shalom, Art

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