Dim Sum –Are you ready for the new year?

Many firms verify their stock or inventory levels at the end of the financial year. If the financial year ends in December it will be taken at the end of December. I remember my first assignment as a rookie Lead Auditor (ahem.. the best jobs are always assigned to the rookies, especially those at the end of the year when others would prefer to party) … I was given the task of supervising the stock count in two banks both located opposite each other. I had two teams of auditors and we started counting (no joke it was the time before counting machines were used , but all the time we were counting we were wishing the money belonged to us!). By the time we finished counting it was way past midnight as we had to do recounts. Glad we did to square off the cash and bank accounts for the year – the two banks could start out right in their new financial year.

How can you prepare for this year’s challenges and opportunities?
I suggest we should use SWOT (identifying our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to work out our strategy in 2011. We should take a rein check on where we are on the Christian path. For every season in our lives, SWOT is different . It could have changed in focus or combination or has to be changed in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. We need to take our spiritual inventory as children of God before the new challenges and opportunities come. To be forewarned is to be forearmed and you will be forewarned if you take a truthful inventory of your spiritual state.

Do we have strengths which can be capitalized to be more effective witnesses for
God’s faithfulness and spread of the gospel? Have our latent talents been hidden? Is it time to bring them out for God’s glory and blessings?

Do we have weaknesses beyond which we can tap the resources of the heavenly Father who has provided all that we will ever need? Do not believe the devil when he whispers the Lord has forsaken you. Believe His Word that He will supply all your needs, yes emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally… ALL! No shortage. WE do not need to be beggars in the world. If you need strength He will give you His strength – you just got to accept it. If you need food and shelter, He will supply them – you have just got to open your eyes and look and pick them up daily from His hands extended through the people He has put in your path through hard work and a whole lot of trust and obey. This is not prosperity gospel I am talking about it is realizing that we have a loving heavenly Father who does not lie, does not leave us alone in our times of need.

Opportunities abound – but we are so blind, so fearful to step forward. Blinded by the past, blinded by our own limitations, using our limitations to limit our great, big, wonderful God. Who can say why we do not see the victory? He says victory is ours and we sit and moan and groan in the face of challenges.. He is right in front of us leading the way and we sit by the wayside like the blind beggar.. can’t see a thing because we have not let the light of Jesus shine through.

Threats are to be expected because there is a roaring lion who would like to frighten, scuttle, paralyze and do anything to stop you from achieving the dreams the Lord has placed on your hearts or to stop you from trusting and following Him whatever betide. We should fear ourselves for if we say we can’t we shan’t. We can overcome by the blood of the Lamb, in His strength and with joy bringing in the sheaves. So go out there and blindside the enemy, go and He goes with us. Let us blow the threats away with our faith, standing on the Word of God, not the enemy’s pack of lies.

Have you done your SWOT? Are you ready to move on into 2011?

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