Please pray for Math-et-es Centre, Singapore

Dear Friend
2010 was indeed a busy, fruitful and exciting year for us at Mathetes Centre.

It was a busy year. We embarked on seven mission trips, teaching in eight cities. Thus far we have ministered from Mumbai in the west to Tasmania in the south east of the globe.
It was a fruitful year. We trained more Singaporeans and brought them along on our trips. We engaged more people in different cities where we ministered.

By God’s grace, we are now in nineteen cities. It was an exciting year.

We hosted our first International Conference last month. We had participants from Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Chennai, Orissa and Hyderabad. Leaders from various denominations in Singapore also came to the training in disciplemaking and Speed Teach the Bible.

This small step has now prepared us to trust God for bigger things. Our vision is now clearer and bolder than before. Our prayer for this new year and decade is that God will use us to raise up many more men and women who are willing to go anywhere and pay any price to fulfil God’s purpose.

Come and join us. Come and learn with us and teach with us – the world.
David Lee
Math-et-es Centre
January 2011

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