Prayer – Acknowledging God

Prayer – Acknowledging God

Pray without ceasing. I Thessalonians 5:17

Let us  pray without ceasing for when we pray we acknowledge God who is our Father  for

  • in praise we acknowledge Who He is our Creator, Lord God Almighty, the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent God, who is worthy to receive honor and glory and acclaim
  • thanksgiving for He is our Provider, our El-Shaddai in every area of our lives,
  • asking Him to control situations of our lives knowing that He is our All in all, and knows every situation even before we ask 
  • calling him to intercede for us or others,  for without Him we can do nothing and are totally dependent on His grace and mercy.
  • casting all our cares on Him, in trust, confidence and obedience to His Word. 
  • obedience keeps us in touch with Him and makes our Father’s heart glad.

We pray for ourselves and others in love and care, including natural and spiritual families, relatives, friends, colleagues, those in authorities, and even enemies whom we must forgive when we pray. We must pray

  •  in the Name of Jesus and
  •  in His authority we may exercise His gifts  including casting out demons in others.

May we as children of God and joint heirs with Christ be bold to operate and live from victory, for Christ has won the victory over sin and death and the works of the enemy, with His obedience to the Father’s desire and plan for sinful mankind. We can pray

  • for self or others
  • anywhere, anytime and for everything that concerns us, 
  • directly from our hearts to His,  for He hears our prayers and is closer than a phone-call, SMS or any cyber communication tool.
  • individually or in groups
  • softly or loudly
  • in known language or in tongues which the Holy Spirit prays through us.

When we do not know what or how to pray, we can ask the Holy Spirit to intercede and pray for us to the Father in heaven through Christ, the Son. When we are in sudden danger we can breathe His Name in prayer or call on Him in heart or voice. May we cherish the opportunities of prayer and always know that He cares for us and that all things will work together for good to them that love Him according to His precious promises to us. His answer to our prayers may be

  • yes now – and accept with thanksgiving in our hearts
  • yes wait – and let us be patient and confident of His answer
  • not now –  be patient and long-suffering and He will give us grace to submit to His time and way
  • sometime later – even if we languish in pain and frustration for perhaps we have a lesson to learn or pruning, we will trust Him
  • no, no it is not good for you – thank You Lord You know the end from the beginning and Your ways are higher than mine and Your thoughts may not be mine but You know what You are doing.

We can pray Thy kingdom come because one day, we will have no need of prayer.. for we shall see Him face to face without tears, pain, cares, worries and all that plagues us in this life. When we have prayed we must not forget to thank Him  in appreciation, for hearing our prayers and for answered prayers Amen.

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