CLICK A BLESSING TODAY – I recently met a woman

She has lived in Singapore for twenty years. She and her husband came from China. They have a shop in Singapore and she helps her husband in the shop. They have two teenaged children who have been caught up in the busy and competitive life of Singapore students, and yearn for some release of pressure from this rat race through music.

What surprised me most is that she has not heard of God for all these years in Singapore, does not know about God and yes she is open to learning about the Christian religion and it falls on me to tell her about God and our personal relationship with Him and not about a religion.

Where do I begin? Yes I am praying about what God wants me to do to help Him help her find out about Him. Surely she needs the Lord.. and there are many like her caught up in the rat race of life.. wanting all the “nice” things that bind and imprison one so that your total life is given to the chase. Lord help me. Give me the words and the opportunity so that she will be drawn to the Source of all satisfaction, joy and peace. I can do nothing but just be an instrument fit for the Master’s use.

Has the Lord brought someone like this woman into your life too? The Lord is speaking to you that you too should go to that person and love him/her to the Lord.

Here I am Lord.

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