Dim Sum – One Grandfather’s prayer leads to another

This morning as I hastened to attend my responsibilities at our music school, it was 9.15am and I noticed that my father was unusually late as he had not appeared for breakfast. His bed room door was shut and I had to ensure that nothing was amiss with him.

As my ear was strained against his closed door I heard him pray in faith. I had to pause to listen even though it was getting late for me.

It was a prayer of
– praise and thanksgiving at 88 years, for rest in the night for being a God who has been faithful in times past
– intercession for every one of his children and grandchildren by name and their communicated prayer requests and needs – a prayer of supplication for protection against all evil from foes and competitors in school and the market place, sustaining them in the Word, provision and joy of the Lord as their strength.

And as he came to praying for the youngest, I decided it was time for me to go on my way knowing full well that he was in Good Hands all day and I did not have to worry.

Today I want to remember every grandfather and grandmother in prayer that they will be able to cast their cares on the Lord and commit their children and grandchildren every day to the Lord in prayer for that is their reasonable duty as long as the Lord lends them breath as they watch from the sidelines. May each be a tower of spiritual strength that will support their children and grandchildren and intercede for them daily at the throne of grace so that all may obtain mercy and protection in time of need and continue that song of faith through the generations that will bring honor and praise to our eternal God.

If you are a grandfather or grandmother today, open up your heart and let the Son come in and fill you with His love. Whatever your situation, may you praise and thank God for His faithfulness to you-ward and raise your hands in praise for the one who has kept you in times past. Please pray for your children and grandchildren in this wicked world that is getting worse by the day as the enemy seeks whom he may devour. They need your intercession and support in prayer for only God can be there to bless, protect and provide for every need as they stay close to the Lord.

“…I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” 3 John 1:2

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