Where is My Miracle?

Many people today want overnight results or a drive-through deliverance.  They know they have problems but they want a miracle and they want it now.  However, when God works with people, He takes into consideration the human psyche.  The human psyche is complicated (due to the fall of man) and delicate (due to the conflict of good and evil).  He deals with the human psyche, through the heart (spirit), so that He can bring about change in a person’s life.  The human psyche (soul) is comprised of confusion, uncertainty, fear, ego, behavior, decision, etc. and is often confused with or said to include, the human spirit.  But the soul and the spirit are not one and the same and each serve as separate functions within the individual.   Evil is in the world and forever attempting to imitate good, and this will pervert good,  and can become the information and data that we adopt as our own, eventually leading to pure evil as the norm. The mind is the gate and the soul is the place within the confines of the gate.  The heart (spirit) is not able to properly judge or discern good nor evil because it is impure.  The heart is not able to properly judge or discern goodness because the heart is impure with the ideas of both good and evil.  The heart’s inability to recognize pure goodness will lead the heart further from goodness and closer towards evil.  Impurity will never bring about purity or purification, only purity can do this.  Therefore the heart must become pure with good and this process can only be accomplished by and through the person of Jesus entering into the heart. He must re-create or purify the heart of an individual. What is pure goodness?  It is holiness. Since, only God is pure goodness. And Jesus does not enter the heart nor change the heart unless He is invited (asking Him to change our heart) and then received (telling others that He has changed our heart).  The world defines good and evil but it’s definition is faulty and it does nothing to change or quicken the heart.  Not to mention, that the world is forever redefining all information and data collected, including it’s idea of good and evil.  Also, the world cannot define or explain the ‘whys’ of sin and evil and the effects of a damaged or crippled or lifeless heart and the eternal effects of such.  God named Adam the father of all so that we could each and everyone, reap the benefit of the blessings that was bestowed upon Adam in the Garden of Eden.  However, instead, the curse became our inheritance.  (When God names someone father, He is bestowing whatever has befallen the person named as such, upon all generations to come.)  Satan became the father of this world when treason entered the hearts of Adam and Eve.  And you can bet that Satan studied the human psyche for years, before he approached either of them.  He is most likely the ‘psychological’ genius of all creatures ever.  He understands the human ‘psyche’ because he has had eons to study.  He became the father when Adam, turned from God, and allowed Satan access into both his ear and his heart.  Satan is the provider of much of the information and data that we,  eventually, adopt as our own.  So, we must change who our father is, so that we can change our inheritance. When we change our father, we change our heart.  When we change our hearts, we change our souls.  Our hearts then become connected with purity and and destined for life, instead of remaining connected to impurity and destined for death. Deep within every male and female there is a ‘similitude’ of truth, holiness, and goodness.  And it is through this ‘similitude’ that the Holy Spirit goes to work in this earth, bringing the heart into focus and to the attention of an individual.  And it is only through the heart that a person is able to change their minds to see as God sees and know as God knows, helping one to become  increasingly familiar with pure goodness.  This allows change to take place in a person’s very soul, which will alter and redefine a person’s very life.  While we never are to belittle a miracle, or stop seeking a miracle, or forget that God can work miracles and use them to His advantage, (and He may so choose), we must not become dependent upon such.  A miracle is wonderful and God uses them to allow us to ‘sample’ His goodness.  But when change happens, it is God sharing His goodness with us and this can last us a lifetime.  And change takes time.  Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes it takes a short time but it is rarely overnight.  Lord, help us to be patient and seek change.

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5 Responses to Where is My Miracle?

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  3. debradoo says:

    And thank you brother Rick for elaborating and shedding even more light upon this blog!

  4. rickroehm says:

    I liked your Blog and believe it or not a dear Brother and I have been reviewing this same material for a few weeks. We stopped recently at the following….

    By looking at man’s triune being (trichotomy) you will see Spirit, Soul, and Body taught in the Bible. In the unregenerated state of man you will see that a soul is the part of man that chooses to do wrong because of a lack of the redemptive person of Christ within(as you mentioned in your Blog). The spirit can be recognized as the part of man that is eternally damned due to lack of regeneration. You will see a body that will partake in the ressurection of the wicked dead at the Judgement of the Great White Throne.

    As for the regenerated man (born of the Spirit) you will see that the soul of man is in subjection to the will of God. The human will is broken by the power of God’s Saving Grace. Subjection is found when the human will is broken by Christ. The Spirit of a saved man is eternally blessed to be with God in Heaven or on Earth when heaven comes to Earth. The glorified body of a saved man will have part in the Rapture or in the first ressurection during the 1000 year reign, Blessed and holy is he.

    In conclusion…
    The soul of man is the part of man that chooses and decides.
    The spirit of man is the inner immortal being within man’s make-up that is eternally existent. The Spirit will be Eternally damned or Eternally blessed depending whether man is saved by Grace. The body is mans physical being.

    This comment was written only as an addendum to our dear sisters heartfelt Blog for the Glory of the Christ of our Salvation that shines brightly on this Blogsite. Thank you dear sister for your heartfelt Blogs and work in the ministry that goes around the globe.

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