Let us pray for those who are persecuted for Christ today


Let us pray for those who are persecuted for Christ today
– newly converted from other religions to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord
– holding the Word of truth in their hands are imprisoned
– bearing a testimony true that He is Lord of their lives
– imprisoned for their witness
– misunderstood in families
because of their love for Christ – in communist and muslim countries where Christians are despised and discriminated against
– among communities in which the enemy prevails over the souls of men in spiritually dark, dark places where witchcraft and bizarre happenings thrive.

Let us pray for every Daniel brave who bears the Name of Christ and stands in the fire, through which he proclaims liberty, sets the captives free, heals and does wondrous things. Every one who is His child who bears the marks of Christ on his body as if they were too crucified and has Him as Lord of their lives.

That they will have the spirit of love, power and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 and peace which the world cannot understand John 14:27 Amen.

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2 Responses to Let us pray for those who are persecuted for Christ today

  1. bethyferg says:

    Heavenly Father and Eternal God, we come and we thank you that you have raised saints who will stand strong for your gospel, even onto death.
    Lord I pray and ask that you continue to feed them with the food that gives them strength. Father for those who are imprisoned, who are beaten, who are separated from family we ask that you give them your peace.

    Father may they know that they are held in prayer, that their families are held in prayer. Thank you Lord for such as these who give all for your kingdom.

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