CLICK A BLESSING TODAY – What are you aiming to accomplish for God?

Submit to His plans, ways and time

If you are a new Christian, your first love for the Lord will propel you to volunteer for many things. A newbie is usually a soldier, taking orders from those in the leadership who have established the aims of a ministry or activity in the church for the young ones and newbies to enjoy and fulfil.

However, when participation becomes routine, we may lose sight of the aims and will need to be reminded of them yearly or at least periodically should the activity last more than a year.

For leaders who have been running long in the work of the Lord, there comes a time when routine also sets in if we are not careful. Yesterday’s objectives become the current year’s objectives and next year’s and so on. If objectives are repeated till participants fall into non-committal mode – they will attend when they can, and not attend when there is any reason whatever for not attending. So then begins the stage of being luke-warm, neither hot nor cold and it displeases the Lord. He would rather we not continue when our full heart is no longer there. It will bring lowered standards of performance which will bring shame rather than glory to His name.

What is your objective in carrying on what you do for the Lord?
Is your relationship with the Lord so energised that you have been privileged to hear His plans from Him? Have you been sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do the will of the Father for your church, your cell group, your worship team, your Sunday School or Sunday School class or your youth fellowship group?
When you cease to pray and to depend on the Lord for every testimony, sharing of the Word, song you sing for Him, then you depend on your skill, your ability, your presence of mind instead of His Presence, your personality instead of pointing to Him who is worthy of worship and praise.. then watch out… lest the enemy take advantage of you and your ego gets inflated and pride sets in.

Do you commit every plan of your ministry to the Lord? He wants to be the Instigator/Initiator, the Motivator, the Sustainer, the Rewarder and in effect the Alpha and Omega of what brings glory to Him. Stand by and let Him .. do His marvellous work in you, among you and for the body of Christ. Let every aim you have for the work for Him be blessed every step of the way and you will not tire but be filled with joy of the Lord, which will be your strength in going the full way for Him.

Learn early before you feel jaded with working for Him – keep close to Him, everyday listening and hearing for His direction, for His time, for His resources, for His wonderful ways in accomplishing His work (remember it is not yours). How often we will forget that His thoughts are NOT our thoughts and His ways are NOT our ways.

Don’t look back only, nor only at today’s difficulties and hurdles. Look up and look forward towards the prize He has– what has the Lord in mind? Ask Him how to do it and wait in prayer before you proceed and go your merry way and enthusiasm to find out too late that you have overstepped your boundaries with no authority and power and got into His way. Then you will have to ask Why? What happened? What went wrong? This means that before you step into the new year with your objectives, you have to spend time with the Lord in prayer to hear what He has to say about your aims and objectives for the year to come. When you have heard and move in confidence into God’s plan, you will know that you have pleased the Lord and can be satisfied that glory belongs to the Lord.

What if hindrances appear and it looks like the plans are caving in, in the middle of implementation? Then get on your knees and seek His face. Is He teaching a lesson? Is this a step upwards (which must be taken) before you can cross the threshold of a new level, scope and sometimes He wants you to take a quantum leap while taking a deep breath. Be prepared for surprises for remember it is His ways we want to tread not ours. Ask Him to help you understand His ways.

Trust and obey is the watchword for serving the Lord. We trust God and have to learn to move in His ways. No use hearing and not moving. We need to learn to move one step at a time in sync with His. It could be miserable to be out of sync with Him. So watch out.. keep in step with Him as we are soldiers marching as to war. We need to take His orders and march according to His orders.

May you receive the Lord’s blessings for all your aims to glorify Him and march to His tune with success as you ask Him to change you to be more like Him and to fill you with His plans.

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