Lord, Order My Steps

Today, I needed to get out and do some grocery shopping.  I was sitting on a two lane road and waiting patiently at a red light.  Cars that were in the turning  lane, got their green arrow and proceeded to turn.  There was a large black truck that was not turning but going straight ahead and the driver noticed the cars beginning to move and he then proceeded to go through the light, though his light was still red.  There was behind him, a black SUV that applied his gas as well nearly rear-ending the large black truck that had by now, stopped abruptly in the middle of the street, due to him noticing that his light was still red.
As I witnessed a near accident (though fortunately no cars collided), God began to reveal to me how Christians are much like the drivers of the large black truck and the black SUV.  The driver in the large black truck only proceeded to go through the light because he had noticed that other cars had begun to move.  The driver failed to look at the red light and took his cue from the cars that he saw that began to move, due to the green arrow.  The driver of the SUV that was behind him, also took his cue from the large black truck ahead of him and accelerated as well.  Neither of these drivers were supposed to be going since their light was red and neither of these drivers looked to the light for their direction.
Many Christians take their cues from those Christians that are around them. Or they take their cues from their church leader(s).  Many Christians fail too often, to look to God for their direction.  It is a wonderful thing to go to church and hear a good sermon and fellowship with our friends.  And it is a wonderful thing to watch someone on TV that gives good Godly advice.  And it is a wonderful thing to listen to CD’s or watch DVD’s with some sound advice and powerful preaching.  And it is a wonderful thing to read books that can help us grow in our knowledge and understanding of the Bible.  But, the most wonderful thing of all is to get into the Word for yourself and see what God wants for your life.  Learn to follow and take direction, by all means, but at the same time .. Take the lead.  Nobody but God and yourself know what is best for you.  Or what steps to take, to bring about deliverance and freedom of sinful living.  There are fixed doctrines that we must all adhere to, but there are doctrines too, which are not so fixed and with the help of the Holy Spirit and seeking the guidance of our Lord .. We can arrive at the place He has destined for us to be.  Be it a spiritual place or even a natural place.  Every area of our lives are to be directed by Him.  He leaves nothing to chance or to human decision making.
We must first come to the conclusion that our lives are not ‘all that’ and we are missing something.  Then we can begin to seek His direction.  Seeking Him in prayer and in our time spent in His Word.  Asking Him to close doors where they should be closed and open doors where they are supposed to be opened.  He knows the end from the beginning, and this can make for some divine guidance in our daily lives, if we open ourselves up to Him and His direction.  It takes both conscious effort and practicing throughout the day, to seek His guidance.  But, if we do so long enough and are determined enough, we will reap the benefits of such Godly habits and it will soon become the norm for our lives.  But first, we must not settle for mediocre or less for our lives.
So, let go of the person(s) that you feel is ahead of you and dare to take your first step with Him, alone.  Ask Him to help you be dependent upon Him and Him only.  For it is true that a good man’s steps are indeed, ordered by the Lord.

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One Response to Lord, Order My Steps

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Amen and amen.
    It’s Jesus and me for each tomorrow
    A favorite song of mine for everyday.
    Only Jesus knows the way.
    Others may lead us astray.

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