Let us pray for the earthquake victims in Christchurch NZ

Dear Lord who loves us all,
Be to the victims their Strength and Comfort
In this time of trouble,
We pray.

Father of the helpless
Especially those who are alive
Under the rubble
Be their help we pray.

Lord in every situation
Reveal your love and plans
For those who have survived
Help them rebound in Jesus Name we pray.

Keep those in authority
Wise and discerning
That they may help and not hinder
Your supply to those in need.

Give added strength
When the day seems futile
Give added hope
For You are their hope
May all once again know
That You are Lord above all.
There is no God like You.

May the rest of us
Give them the prayer support
And any other help
The Lord impresses on us to give.
In Jesus’ Name we pray.


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2 Responses to Let us pray for the earthquake victims in Christchurch NZ

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Amen and amen to Bethy’s prayer. .
    In times like these, they need an anchor. Lord in your grace and mercy please reveal Yourself to many who need to know Your assurance with them today. May they stay strong in You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  2. bethyferg says:

    Father God as I watched the news my heart broke for those caught up in the earthquake. Lord I ask that you be the God of peace and strength to these people.

    Father I pray for the rescue teams, may they not falter or faint as they search for survivors. May they be successful Lord in their mission. Be with their families Lord as the emergency services work in dangerous buildings. Keep them safe Lord.

    Father, I bring the grieving to your throne of mercy. Comfort them Lord, carry them in the days and weeks ahead.
    For those who fear another quake, may they be stilled Lord. May your gospel of salvation and peace be heard. Amen.

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