The Ghana Mission: March 2011

School under construction, N. Ghana

In less than two weeks, a group of 10 or 11 missionaries from my home church, led by Pastor Michael, will leave for Northern Ghana. Our church in Missouri has established a covenant relationship with 22 churches in Northern Ghana to help bring water, improve agriculture, improve medical care and establish schools in this destitute, arid region. (For earlier blogs on the Ghana Mission, see: The Plight of Ghana – Dying of Thirst and Jesus vs. the Ju Ju Witch Doctor – The Ghana Mission )

This group will dedicate four boreholes (water wells) that have been drilled since the first mission trip in November of 2010. They will also be assisting with the construction of a new school. The funds for these projects and future ones as well have come from 2010’s Christmas offering by the members of our moderate sized congregation.

Many have asked “Is it really necessary for a group to travel all the way from Missouri to do these things?” Physically, no. The boreholes are or will soon be operating and the initial phases of the school construction is already underway.

So, why are we going?

As much as the people in this region of the world need safe water, medical aid, improved agriculture and education, they have an even greater need. They need HOPE. They need to know that others in the world know of their plight and are ready and willing to come to their aid.

They need the Living Water that only Jesus Christ can deliver.

Others have come to this region promising hope and support, put on a band aid… then never returned.

In the Great Commission, Jesus commanded us to carry the Good News to all the nations, to all the people of the world.

In returning with a committed group of real live missionaries we are bringing Hope. We are delivering the Good News, not only in word, but in deed.

To learn more about The Ghana Mission, please visit The Ghana Mission.

And please pray for the people of Northern Ghana and this mission team.

Shalom, Art
Alive in The Word

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Missouri, USA Married to Marty, 45 years 2 sons (with 2 daughers-in-law) and 2 granddaughters Life dedicated to serving Jesus Christ and delivering the Good News
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1 Response to The Ghana Mission: March 2011

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Will be praying for the workers and for the harvest that the Lord will be pleased with.
    Amen. Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.
    Thanks Art for sharing.

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