Dim Sum – and we who remain

And we who remain, caught up shall meet our faithful Lord
This hope we cherish not in vain
But we comfort one another
By this word

(from He’s coming soon by Thoro Harris)

The friends have gone
The empty chair remains.
The grief.
What solace can we find
But the hope that we shall meet
Our faithful Lord
And our cherished loved one some day.

Pause a while my friend
But do not wait too long
For soon that day will dawn
When we shall meet our loved one once again.

Till then, let us achieve
The fulfilment of loved one’s dreams for us
Let us run the race with patience and perseverance
Let us make our dear Lord proud
So with hands full of eternal achievements
We can greet Him.

We will run with patience
The race that is set before us
Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith
And for the joy that is set before us
We shall overcome the grief
And the temptation to sit too long
In self pity and degradation.

We must pick up the pieces and move on
To achieve great things for Him
While the sun shines
While He lends us breath
We must……..
Till we meet again. …

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Jesus Christ is coming soon
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