On Youtube: Tan Lai Yong as seen on “Asians of the Year”

Lai Yong is a Medical Doctor who gave up the comfort and security of life in Singapore to commit himself and his medical expertise towards improving healthcare of children in the villages of Yunnan, China. As Clinical Lecturer at Kunming Medical Centre, his training and leadership is well regarded by the local people and the government. He has worked tirelessly to overcome cultural and other challenging obstacles to train over 500 village doctors. His efforts also include mobilising surgeons from Kunming and Singapore on a regular basis to provide subsidised/free surgery (cleft palate, burns and bone deformities) for over 100 children. This has also been extended to facilitating meaningful ways to link volunteers to needy situations in China and mentoring Singapore youths to look beyond their own needs.
His work is featured as part of “Asians of the Year” – a six-part series from Channel NewsAsia that honours unsung heroes in six categories spanning the environment, social causes, medicine/science, business, education and the arts.

Pray for Dr Tan and his family and for the work he is forging in China, bringing Christian Singaporeans in partnership with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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3 Responses to TESTIMONY AND PRAYER REQUEST – Dr Tan Lai Yong

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Even though Dr Tan has returned to Singapore let us continue to pray
    – that the work that has begun and the seed that has been sown will grow and flourish, and that lives that have been touched by the love of God wil grow in His love.
    – that Dr Tan and his family will be able to re-adjust to living in fast-paced Singapore especially the children who have grown up in China.

  2. joannawl says:

    FYI – Dr Tan and his family came back to Singapore for good in Nov 2010.
    See attached.

    Click to access ST1213.pdf

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