Our Great Conundrum

Which came first?

Conundrum: (n) a difficult problem.

That’s a big word, conundrum! It’s what some of us make of practicing our Christian faith. We take something that is really simple and clear cut and turn it into a difficult problem.

We are to live righteous lives, seek purity. Yet we live in a dirty world.

Under Mosaic Law, the Jews found an easy solution. Avoid impurity. Do not touch anything impure. stay clean. And if you did come into contact with something impure, go through the rituals of purification. The Parable of the Good Samaritan points this out clearly.

Modern day Christians often seem to be doing the same thing. We “cross the street” to avoid the “impure” lest it contaminate us. “Sinners,” those who look and act different from us, those who live in poverty or squalor… AVOID them lest we ourselves become impure. Cross the street!

This is, of course, 180 degrees away from what Jesus did. He sought the impure. He came to heal the sick, not attend to the already righteous.

What we must do, as Christians, is go “get dirty.” The first challenge comes in “getting dirty” without “getting infected.” Let the dirt get on us without getting into us.

The second challenge comes when we are seen “getting dirty.” We must show others that while the dirt is on us, it is not in us. The Apostle Paul addressed this when talking about eating meat sacrificed to idols. He knew that the sacrifice to idols was meaningless. Therefore, there was no taint from eating such meat. The danger lay in others who believed in the power of those idols seeing us and misunderstanding.

Even in the mire of the world, the dirt and taint, we must still be set apart. It must be obvious or we run the risk of being seen as un-holy (set apart).

Our hearts must be obviously pure while we play in the dirt.

Shalom, Art

Alive in The Word

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2 Responses to Our Great Conundrum

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  2. ptl2010 says:

    Amen – we have to touch lives everyday with the love of Jesus as we are His arms and legs extended, even as He intercedes for us and empowers to be a people separated unto Him.

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