Dim Sum – Click, All’s gone

I write a blog a day. One early morning as I completed a blog, I clicked File Save and wiped another file away. I did not realize that I had replaced the contents of an old file with the new blog by clicking on the old file name and saving the new blog therein.

Months’ work on the old file. Information and data gathering. record of our progress here on ChristianBlessings were gone in just one click. I could have retrieved it had I realized it sooner but I closed the file and logged off without realizing what I had erroneously done.

When I logged on the next time. The contents of my old file were gone. Perhaps it is still there… and I shall find it again. However, as far as I know, and the techies here may tell me otherwise, if I want the information I have carefully stored till today, I will have to gather them again from the data sources I had done before.

No.. I never learnt the lesson that I should do a backup file and so today I will recollect my data and reconstruct the file which took many months to build up.

It reminds me of the fact that the Lord has wiped away my sins and removed them as far as the east is from the west. They cannot be found as far as He is concerned once I ask Him for forgiveness.

Then as I restart my life under His regime, I am collecting data again. I will have to choose what data I will have on my record and it may take a life time to rebuild this database of mine.. but what kind of a database am I building?

When I look back, will it be a life of praise to Him? Or a life of regret that I was given a chance to rebuild my database but I squandered that chance and made a mess of it again.. perhaps it was worse because knowing just a little and applying wrong principles, I spoilt my life’s file with things which contravened the word of God.

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