Is it time for a another spiritual checkup?

I first published this about a year ago. I’ve just scheduled my annual physical. This one is equally if not more important.

We all know that we need a periodic physical checkup. It is a time when we stop whatever else we are doing and take a look at our health.

Is it time for a spiritual checkup? We who visit this site are continually active in our walk of faith. But just like the physical checkup, perhaps we should also pause for a spiritual checkup. How are we doing? Where do we stand? Are we becoming spiritually healthier? Stagnating? Is our spiritual well-being slipping a bit? Have we taken a pause to step back and take an objective look, or are we so busy on this walk that we forget to look at just where we are?

Below are some questions I’ve been asking myself. This is not intended to be a blog where I would expect responses to these questions. Instead, you (and I include myself in the “you”) may want to actually jot down a short response to each of these questions. Of course, if you want to respond, or to add some questions, please do so.

Take each question as it comes, don’t jump ahead.

As a child or when you were first introduced to Jesus, how did you view Him?

How do you view Him today?

When you first learned of God, how did you view Him?

How do you view Him today?

Do you read your Bible regularly?

Do you study your Bible regularly? (What’s the difference?)

What does it mean to be a Christian?

What does the “Great Commission” mean to you?

How are you carrying it out?

How are love and forgiveness related?

Are there those you need to forgive?

What does “Thy will be done” mean to you?

How does this enter into your prayers?

Are you an active member in the “Body of Christ”?


How are you feeling about yourself?

How centered are you on self?

Are you consumed by worry?

On what?

What can you do about this worry?

Have you placed complete and total control of your life in God?

How is your spiritual health? Do you need to change your diet or get some exercise?

Again, this is intended as a personal pause for a checkup and is not intended for response to any of these questions, or others you may raise yourself.

I find I need to make some changes in my walk.



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2 Responses to Is it time for a another spiritual checkup?

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Just a thought, if we have not progressed watch out – we may have some rebuilding to do. Let us be honest in those areas and rebuild with God’s grace and mercy. Not to go forward is to go backwards and in our spiritual lives, that is letting the devil win. We must not allow that if we are children of the Living God, whose we are.

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