Is Your Life a Game of Monopoly or Dominoes?

The bumper sticker says: “He who dies with the most toys wins!”  And that seems to be the mantra of our me-first, materialistic world.  But I saw a poster which takes a different slant and puts our attitude toward money, stuff and things into correct perspective.

The Game of Life

Man says: “Life is a game of monopoly.   

The person who has the most money saved up and the most things stored away is the winner.”

God says: “Life is like a game of dominoes. The person who gives away everything he is,  has and does before he dies is the winner.

A certain tribe in Africa relishes the meat of a certain monkey.  The monkey, in turn, relishes a certain dish the women of the tribe make from rice.  So, the tribesmen found a most ingenious way to trap the monkeys. 

The women fashion clay jars which are wide at the bottom and have narrow necks just large enough for the monkeys to put their open hands through.  Then they fill the bottoms of the jars with the rice mixture and tie the jars to the bases of trees.

The monkeys come along, reach into the jars and fill their fists with the rice.  But the necks of the jars are too narrow for them to pull their full hands back out.  Being too greedy to let go of the rice, the monkeys’ fate is sealed.  Such it is with those who place their love for money and all it can buy ahead of their love for God.

Jesus said, “Don’t worry and ask yourselves, ‘Will we have anything to eat?  Will we have anything to drink?  Will we have anything to wear?’  Only people who don’t know God are always worrying about such things.  Your Father in heaven knows that you need all of that stuff.  But more than all else, put God and His will for your life first, and obey Him.  The stuff will follow as the natural outcome of your faith and obedience.  Don’t worry about tomorrow.  It will take care of itself.  Today’s concerns are already enough.”  Matthew 6:31-34 (THE MESSAGE)


About kainosktisis

I am a sinner saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, and my life's greatest ambition is to follow Him for the rest of my life.
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1 Response to Is Your Life a Game of Monopoly or Dominoes?

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Jesus never fails and if we trust and obey His Word, we will know He never fails.
    He gives more than we can ever give, He outgives us everytime. So next time He says “Give” – so give.

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