Dealing With Sin

The world finds the idea of sin to be silly since, after all, we are all but mere humans with desires and tendencies that should be met.  Some go so far as to boast about or laugh about their sinful human behaviors.  They have no clue as to the serious consequences of their sins.  (Pr. 14:9)
And then there are those that are saved and understand the implications of a sinful life, yet they too, make light of their sins.  They find themselves caught up in the fleshful satisfactions of lust or coveting or simply involved with the latest gabfest concerning ‘sister Mary’ or ‘brother Joe’ .  Or find themselves unable to resist a temptation,  therefore presenting a good argument to counter the conviction of the Holy spirit and then later thinking, ‘well at least I did not murder someone’.  They know better, but they just cannot see themselves as having committed a great sin.  Just a little one.  (Luke 17:3-4)
And then there are those that take sin very seriously, yet do not understand that grace does indeed abound much more than sin.  They are called ‘legalist’ and they address sin by imposing punishment, shame, guilt and impossible demands on themselves or the one who sinned.  (Luke 5:21) God hates sin, but not because he hates people who sin, rather he hates what sin does to people.
So, which is it?  Is sin serious business or not?  Do we allow ourselves the luxury of thinking, ‘it isn’t that bad’ or should we find ourselves bogged down with shame, guilt and condemnation?
The Bible does not treat sin lightly.  But the Bible does go to great lengths to explain to us that ‘grace’ and ‘mercy’ are the accolades of  knowing God as Father and Jesus Christ as Savior and the Holy Spirit as our comforter.  (Rom. 5:20)
First, let us establish that with God, sin is sin. (James 2:10) Murder is not a heavier sin than lying.  Adultery is not a more revolting sin than fornication.  Coveting covers a myriad of sins, if left unchecked.  Coveting can lead to lying, murder, adultery, fornication, stealing, etc.  We are trained by this world to think and believe that there are degrees with sin and that there are sins that have greater or lesser penalties, depending upon the crime.  But in the end it is God who judges and He will judge sin as sin.  And if there is no separation of the sinner and the sin when the time comes, the sinner will suffer for the sin when the sin is dealt with by God.  Unless there is first, a separation of the sin from the sinner.  Then God will judge the sin, and not the one who sinned because Jesus has separated them from their sin, and the sin and the sinner are no longer one and the same.
Sin is serious business to God. (Rom. 6:23) And even when we do come to terms with the fact that we are sinners and need a Savior, we are not to take sin lightly.  So how do we see sin?  Just as God sees it.  It must be dealt with immediately and with conscious abandonment.  It must be confessed to God and repented of.  (Rom. 14:11-12 & Ps. 103:12)  Why?  Because sin can desensitize our minds, confuse and darken our hearts, and sin will only lead to more sin if left unchecked or not dealt with.  But, we are not to find ourselves mantled with guilt, shame or condemnation nor are we to think our sin to be but a mere mistake.  We are to confess the sin and then believe that God has forgiven us the sin.  God once gave me a vision of a professional skater.  The skater is judged according to their performance.  The judges are looking for flawlessness and fluidity during the skater’s performance.  When a skater falls, they are to get up and continue on vying for high scores and an expected finish and the fall will not damage their next performance scores.  There will be a moment of embarrassment, disappointment and grief but the show must go on.  So it is with the Christian ..  Repent and ask God to forgive and then move on and know that He has forgiven.  Acknowledge the sin .. Repent of the sin .. Move past the sin.

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5 Responses to Dealing With Sin

  1. rickroehm says:


    I always like your Blogs as they are heartfelt and scriptural. Holiness preaching is needed in this day and hour.

    Would you beleive that “if” a person repents from a certain act of sin they will turn from it and not do it anymore? True repentance is a change of mind about a certain wrongful action. True repentance from fornication means you don’t fornicate anymore.

    Repentance brings out belief and trust in Christ. Trust in Christ brings forgiveness for all sins of the past and removal of guilt from the conscience. Trust in Christ brings God’s Grace into the human soul. God’s Grace morally changes the attitude of sinning religion. Holiness of heart is found when God’s Grace has an effect on the beleiver.

    Believers get into the habit of living right because the heart is clean. Being in the habit of living wrong and weaving in and out of Christ is a dangerous lifestyle. Playing with sin is playing games with God. The key to living without sin is simply, “Minding the Spirit”. To as many as recieved Him…to them gave He power to be sons of God. Those who recieve Christ have truely quit their meanness. The Bible says so!

    • debradoo says:

      Thank you Rick! I do agree that repentance brings change. Repentance means we have to change how we think about the sin. For example, at one time I believed it was ok to live with my boyfriend. I thought, “What harm can it do?” It seemed like a smart idea to live with him and get to know him well and anyway, marriage is just a piece of paper. Then God dealt with me concerning fornication. Now it is not a smart idea to me, it is a stupid idea. Now I see the harm and disadvantages and dangers. Marriage is now more than a piece of paper to me. Of course, I am married now. I repented of fornication. I believe many people think they can ask forgiveness (knowing they are sinning but feeling helpless to stop or knowing they are sinning and not willing to give up the sin) and think they have repented. But repentance brings a change of mind and a change of heart. If we refuse to see our sin for what it is .. death and destruction .. then the monster of that sin is able to hide and attack us and we may not realize the consequences of the sin until it is too late. That is why taking God at His Word is vital to the believer. I may not understand why God says ‘thou shalt not’ but I know He knows what is best for me. Therefore I must take some action against the sin. Such as confessing my sin before God and then repenting of the sin. Sometimes, I admit, I do not want to repent. In such cases, I ask God to help me to WANT to repent because I know the sin has a price tag, in the end. And I know the sin is grieving the Holy Spirit. And I begin doing what I can to change my thinking in the area where I am weak concerning sin. I have to think about the sin like God thinks about the sin. Then, the sin will eventually become repelling and revolting to me. This is true repentance. Asking forgiveness does not mean we have repented. And without repentance, there is no forgiveness. We cannot use our ‘forgiveness’ pass unless we first repent. And there should be no confusion of the two (repentance and asking forgiveness) for the believer.
      Rick you said .. Repentance brings out belief and trust in Christ.. end quote.
      It can also be said that ‘belief and trust in Christ brings out repentance’. I love when you reply to my blogs. You always get me to thinking and looking inside my heart. Thanks brother!

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  3. ptl2010 says:

    Yes, we must not let the enemy condemn us after we have confessed our sins and been cleansed by the blood of Jesus. This is the stumbling block of many Christians who cannot forgive themselves even though the Lord may have forgiven them. We must forgive ourselves too and move on in victory in Jesus.

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