Dim Sum – What grabs their attention

Have you blamed someone else  for your staying in the mud-hole of disobedience or being too busy to listen to God?

Yesterday, I met a saleswoman in a souvenir shop in Hong Kong on our last morning there.

We were her first customer and she had a little spare time to chat with us, as in sales tradition in the East the first sale is the most important as it augurs well or ill for the rest of the day.

No I did not bargain (as is usually done in Hong Kong) – for I had my first objective to share the love of God to someone on the last day of my visit. We bantered about how tough it is to earn a living in Hong Kong and she started comparing her age, health and life with mine. She was two years younger and said she has had to take up swimming lessons for two years to prevent further degeneration of her bones and back. I said thank God she is able to work. That started her talking about the mother of the lady who had a foreign exchange counter located at the half front of her shop. I had not even started on the love of God and she said “I will never become a Christian because that woman’s mother broke up a friend’s very good family when she ran away with the husband. How can a professing Christian do that? I have nothing against the daughter but everything against the mother. Because of her I will never become a Christian. I will work all I can and not depend on anybody. If God loves me, I do not have to work all my life, He will give me a good life, but I don’t have a good life now and He does not care.”

She did listen when I told her about the curse of sin on man in the garden of Eden– man shall have to toil all his days, pain in childbirth for the woman and spiritual death and eternal separation from God because of sin. It was man’s disobedience that brought on the curse of sin and that the Lord loved us enough to send Jesus to break the curse of sin and death.

I  pray that the conviction of the Holy Spirit will continue to be on her as she would not talk any more as the woman, whom she hated was coming up the alley and headed towards us to begin her foreign exchange business for the day. How often people give up the gain of heaven with a blame on others and in exchange for personal choice.

Thus ended my three days in Hong Kong and one day in Shenzhen China.

We made several contacts in Hong Kong for ChristianBlessings and learnt about the spiritual environment in Shenzhen, China during our day visit there. Shenzhen is a duty free shopping haven for tourists where the trades people – young people in their 20’s to 40’s without much education or English (to deal with tourists) came to learn on the job, the trade of cut throat sales competition and razor thin profitability. No time for anything else but business – they ate and almost slept there at the shopping centre, forfeiting family in the countryside to earn some money for later education or to support families back home.  They would have no time to read ChristianBlessings or talk of things eternal – only time to make phone calls and to pick the latest directory of branded products manufactured in the industrial area with rejects or slight variances made available for sale at cut throat prices many, many times below the price of the real patented products.  The urgency to make that sale of illicit product, the quantity discounts offered at prices too good to refuse, and the savvy persuasion if you stayed long enough were sure sales for the hungry sellers with the many tourists from the west and more affluent Asian countries looking for bargains.

To them it seemed “Only one life, it will soon be past. Only what is money talks, and grabs our attention today.” Sadly true also, for so many among our families, neighbours, friends and colleagues who are not in such desperate financial and social straits. Perhaps it is not time to introduce ChristianBlessings to Shenzhen but there are many souls there who truly need the Lord. Pray the Lord of the harvest will send laborers into His harvest field in Shenzhen.

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