Hebrews 4:12 Up Close

Our emotions are thought-based and interchangeable with our thoughts. Emotions can and will (even overpower) the thought process, so much so, that it is possible for people to begin making grand decisions based on an emotion. The difference between feeling and emotion is confusing but there is a difference. A feeling is something experienced now. An emotion is comprised of a ‘collection’ of feelings (take for instance sadness and depression .. Sadness is the feeling and depression is the emotion). In other words, feeling is a singular while emotions are a plural, and this causes emotions to be stronger than feelings.

We are all born into a mostly wicked and perverted world, and by the time we become adults our emotions have become relatively untrustworthy. We start life gathering information through our physical senses. This causes in us the ability to take or leave whatever is appealing or unappealing to our senses and this begins to shape our lives into what we believe and how we act and how we think, etc .. Creating us to be the person the world expects us to be. Think of it like this .. We are like a programmable being and this world is a large circuit board. The most influence (or input I should say) comes from immediate surroundings (such as family, friends, school, radio, television, etc.). And our surroundings are programmed by this world as well. A generational programming of sorts. As you grow into adulthood you function as both the programmable being as well as the circuit board. You are receiving in and giving out information at an accelerated rate. Our thoughts lead to feelings which lead to emotions which lead to our actions which lead to our decisions. One wrong thought and you have a wrong feeling. This wrong feeling can contaminate our emotions. Which in turn will reveal itself in our actions and end up sabotaging our decisions. The world consistently strives to provide us with a false sense of our being, leaving us vulnerable to false information. Those that strive to know the truth are completely lost at what to do or who to turn to for truth. Truth gives one a sense of stability and a sure foundation. Truth gives one an anchor in the waves of life.

Seeking truth becomes our goal and most people understand this principle (and those that do not seek truth but accept this world as truth, are deceived). Erroneous religion is born out of our desire to know truth and having an enemy that is more than thrilled to oblige. However, he does not advocate the truth. Therefore it is evident that there can be only ONE true religion while all others are false, as it is possible only to have one truth. The world itself can be considered a religion since it does incorporate some truth into it’s aggregated information. All religions bear some forms of truth. However, the truth when combined with falsehoods becomes wicked. Much like wicker furniture (the intertwining of wood).. Truth + falsehood = Wicked. Wicked cannot be trusted any more than lies can be accepted. The result is that neither can our feelings or emotions be trusted or accepted as the truth. These feelings and emotions and even our thoughts make up the soul of our being. God desires to divide our soul and spirit man. When we are first born again, our spirit becomes alive, but our souls are still running the show. Discipline begins. As our spiritual lives develop, our soul and spirit become intermingled. God desires us to have a pure spirit, not necessarily powerful spirits which would require us to have our soul and spirit separated. This is what the Word of God does .. It separates the soul from the spirit. This can only happen when Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. He is the One that quickens our spirits and gives the spirit life. Without the spirit being quickened we are living according to our souls. Now, with our spirits reborn, we must learn to live according to our spirits. When we are reborn we are justified by Christ. But, we must now be sanctified by Him as well. Sanctification requires our minds to be renewed by the Word of God, which begins a process of transforming our souls. We are saved by our faith in Jesus Christ and our souls are saved by our continued faithfulness to Jesus Christ. The spirit is justified, the soul is sanctified and our bodies will someday be glorified. There are many believers today that worship God in a soulish realm. They never understood the difference between their souls and their spirits. God can only be worshiped in the spiritual realm. We must be able to differentiate the two .. soul and spirit. Our feelings and emotions are not avenues God uses to teach us, lead us, or regenerate us, nor are they avenues in which we use to reach God. That is why our spirits must be reborn … So that we can have communion with God so that He can teach us the right way, and who we are in Him.

Our feelings and emotions can be motivators for our souls. This is a good thing if and only if, we have learned to properly guide our feelings and emotions and not let our feelings and emotions guide us. And this can only be done through study of God’s Word and prayer. If we fail to understand the difference between soul and spirit then it will hinder our spiritual development.

We are told to worship God in truth and in spirit. The truth being that He is God and He is worthy of our worship and our praises. He is creator and maker of all and deserving of our worship, regardless of how we feel. The spirit being that part of us that knows the truth about Him.

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