Dim Sum – Whose Voice will you hear?

As the Singapore election draws near, we have been hearing from many different voices – from the government and the Opposition, from seasoned administrators to Generation Y rookies in the hustings. Which voice shall a Singaporean voter listen to?
The voice of the aged government ministers who may be losing their momentum or steam or the voice of the newly awakened opposition who are charging to the future?

It depends on which stage in life the voter is. The old, the battle weary and worn who have grown up with the first generation of independence fighters and the first hard-won Singaporean cabinet, will not have any problem for they are die-hards for the current administration – they have given of their blood, sweat and tears in sacrifice to the country extending even to lending their first born sons in national service under the toughest Israeli military instructors.

For the sandwiched generation the post baby boomers, who today have to carry the weight of the failed population birth policy of stopping at two with some even stopping at one, there is a question mark for their children’s jobs it seems are being taken away by non-Singaporeans with the government policy of enhanced rate of immigration to increase the national Gross Domestic Product at all cost (increasing the total population of Singapore by around 20 to 25% within 5-10 years) causing inflation in price of homes even government subsidized ones, high transportation cost and sudden unplanned beyond capacity public transportation and education, high cost of living and some believe due to the non-transparency of government company investments, the squandering of Singapore’s savings in foreign investments in the last few years. These have to bear the cost of sustenance of parents and filling in the financial shortfall for their children. Will they fall for temporary gains promised by the Opposition or choose no change and a continuing stable government in the government forecast of looming economic “dark clouds” for the future?

Then there is Generation Y who would do what they want to do and who knows which voices they will hear and act upon. Will it be the voice of independence, change, impatience, and doubt that the government has not lost its connectedness with the ground level people or hard logic to let the experienced just carry on in public while they take care of their personal lives? Or surprise surprise, will they listen to their parents for once?

In the spiritual realm, we are to hear only our Shepherd’s voice. We need to know His Word and to live in submission to the Holy Spirit before we can clearly identify His voice. We need not only hear, we need to differentiate what He says and have the discernment to put what we hear into practice for therein is the rub – the test of our faith.

Have you recently heard the Voice of the Lord telling you to go through an open door, stop to ask, seek and knock, or to wait for His timing while He keeps company with you in the storm or in the turbulence of the sea of life and changes? If you are hearing the voice of the world and its temptations, be alert and stand fast in the faith – do not fall into temptation for falling into temptation is sin. Let the Lord give you the victory by His still small Voice to you. Hush. Listen. He is speaking. Are you listening and discerning His Voice?

John 10:27 KJV

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

Will we have herd instinct at the Singapore elections is anybody’s guess for there is a re-awakening to the realities of life which had become sleepy and lethargic and almost comatose with all the goodies received to date. The question is will the past be allowed to carry on or will the results of voting cause the government to sit up and listen to the people in all aspects of governance? Or do we need some fresh pairs of eyes to keep the future for Singaporeans? Only God knows the answer and so we must pray for His continued blessings and guidance, and let us pray that Singaporeans will not have to swallow too hard and bitter pills in the future.

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