Prophets and Politics in the Ancient World

Throughout the Old Testament we find many Prophets of God. We also find literally hundreds of others who are called “prophets” who represent the pantheon of pagan gods. Time and again, we see the battles that take place between these Prophets of God and the pagan prophets for the ear of political leaders.

Why were prophets so important to leaders?

In the Biblical World gods were believed to influence or control everything. An important way to gain the ear of a king or pharaoh was to be speaking for a god. Of course, these gods had different goals, so the guidance these leaders got was often full of conflict.

The leaders listened most closely to those prophets who told them what they wanted to hear or who supported what the leader wanted to do anyway. In some cases the leader followed the guidance of the prophet whose guidance turned out to be correct.

Some examples of the power of God’s prophets:

Joseph was able to interpret dreams for Pharoah. His interpretations turned out to be accurate, so Joseph, a slave, rose to a position of prominence and power. He also made Pharoah very wealthy!

Moses faced off with the prophets of the Egyptian gods. Pharoah didn’t want to hear or accept what Moses was saying leading to the plagues and eventual deaths of the Egyptian firstborn.

Mordecai was able to save the Jews by carrying God’s message to King Xerxes.

One of the most well-known is the faceoff between Elijah and the 400 prophets of Baal and other pagan gods. Elijah’s fire burned after he had taunted the other prophets for the ineffectiveness of their gods. (See picture)

Jeremiah had the ear of a succession of kings of Judah. Some were open to his words, most weren’t. Jeremiah was competing with prophets of many others gods and even some who claimed to be speaking for God.

Daniel was able to interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams where others couldn’t. He rose to a position of great influence, even as a slave.

This situation occurs over and over in the Old Testament.

Why did the rulers listen?

They listened because they needed the advice of others. Since prophets said they were speaking for the gods who controlled everything they gained credibility even when it wasn’t warranted.

Why listen to the Prophets of God?

There were literally hundreds of gods worshipped in the ancient world. What was it to a ruler to just put God into the pantheon of gods? They generally viewed God as just one among many, even when God proved His majesty.


Well, today our leaders and rulers have “advisors.” We don’t call them prophets today, but they serve much of the same function. Rather than representing gods, these advisors gain influence based on education, experience, education and knowledge. It’s just not PC to think that world events are really influenced by gods or God.

The influence of man’s word over the Word of God.

Realizing this part of history may help us all to understand why the various rulers in the ancient world didn’t just accept what in retrospect seemed so obvious… that God is God.

And we seem to be repeating history!

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8 Responses to Prophets and Politics in the Ancient World

  1. Carmelo Junior says:

    Today, when a prophet talks of a future God’s miracle and this miracle happens as predicted by the prophet (or the vision from Heaven), man always wants to explain the miracle, not by faith but by science. One of the greatest miracles ever witnessed was the “dancing of the Sun” in Fatima, Portugal on 13 October 1917. An event predicted to happen 6 months prior by 3 little children who repordted having visions from Heaven and the Virgin Mary. This event was witnessed by over 70,000 people within a 5 miles range, includding non Chrstians, atheists and scientists. To this very day man do not believes the events of Fatima were God’s intervention but only mass hypnosis or even some cosmic storm.

    • Man has always sought explanations for things he does not understand. Without that curiosity we would still be living in caves. Still, there are so many things we simply can’t explain.

      There ARE false prophets.

      It is also, at times, a challenge to differentiate between what is a miracle and what is the application of “science.” This seems to be particularly true with medical science. As an example I am being kept alive by what have become rather common, if complex, medical procedures. The “miracle” lies not in the application of medical science, but in the wonder of God’s creation (of my body) such that these things can be done!

      Thanks for your interest and comment.

      Shalom, Art

  2. Reblogged this on ChristianBlessings and commented:

    As I watch the news with all the political, economic, weather advisors and the “experts” analyzing the MH370 disappearance it’s no wonder our world is such a mess. Elijah was right on “talking smack” to the 400 prophets of Baal. Today’s “prophets” seem to be just about as effective!

  3. rickroehm says:

    Many Prophets came and many Prophets had died. There are Prophets today and there were Prophets in the past. The man Jesus was a Prophet…but He was the “only” Prophet that ever suffered, died, and then rose from the grave. This Prophet Jesus became the the Saviour of the world acording to the plan of God. This Prophet Jesus hung on the cross and shed His blood for the sins of humanity. Actually He shed His blood for you and I personally. Jesus was glorified three days after He died at Calvary. Jesus rose from the grave! He resurrected! He’s alive. Glory! Today, Jesus is exalted and enthroned in Heaven sprinkling His blood on the the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies where He makes intercesion for the saints of God. The Prophet Jesus was a man but had deity as God in the flesh. No other Prophet in the history of humanity has conquered death with resurrection from the grave… except Jesus. He is Saviour! He is Lord! They crucfied a Prophet. He resurected from the grave. Today He’s the head of the Church and seated at the right hand of God the Father. He said He would build His Church. The gates of Hell will not prevail!

  4. ptl2010 says:

    This blog is a good reminder for all Singaporeans who are readers here – let us pray that more “advisors” who acknowledge God in their lives will be voted into the government on May 7, so as a nation we shall continue to have God’s values and principles in our national policies and life – a must for continued peace and to foster lives worth living for God, others and self.

    Thank you Art for your sharing.

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