Dim Sum – Who will the Lord choose?

On the eve of polling day, I have a responsibility to carefully consider who the Lord would like me to vote. Is he the one from the current government or from the Opposition?

Lord, you know who
– would be the better candidate for Singapore and for your church the body of Christ
– will keep this an open society and allow the free advance of your gospel message, your love, grace and mercy
– will govern with your principles contained in Your Word in mind, and who will not drag our people down into the pits of hell
– will show us examples of compassion and mercy, and not just focus on the bottom lines or just the perceived creation of jobs and schemes which do not filter down to those who need help.
– will provide the impetus for Singapore to be the centre for missions in the region.

Father, please show and inspire Singaporeans who to vote for – the one who will be approved by You.

If we are to vote for the member from the party which runs the government today, give us the assurance that this is the best path for your children. If it is for the Opposition may you give courage and strength for us to do Your bidding to step out of the boundaries of our comfort zones and to trust in Your leading.

May we be counted worthy and also take our responsibilities in your work at Church, at work and in our personal life and relationships. Help us
– uphold your truths according to Your Word
– propagate the gospel
– be examples of your compassion and love
– be Your hand extended to help, cheer and encourage those in need
– be consistent and faithful in our testimony and witness for You in our lifestyles, our attitudes, our actions and our standards
– build Your body the Church locally and internationally
– pray for our rulers whom You will allow to be elected tomorrow
– give as You impress us to give as You have freely given to us.

Thank You Lord, we can count on Your wisdom, discernment and faithfulness in all decisions we have to make which relate to your church, our personal lives and national contribution. May we move in tandem with Your will for we pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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