CLICK A BLESSING TODAY – Count your blessings

The song says count your blessings whether great or small.
Yes we are always looking out for the big blessings
However, if we total up all the small blessings they amount more in our lives than the big blessings that have come our way.

Let us be faithful in the little things be they blessings or bothering problems.
How can we be faithful?
By acknowledging whose we are .. we belong to our loving heavenly Father through Jesus Christ our Lord.
By standing on His Word… there has not failed one word of His good promises
By simple faith trusting … yes we do not need to know or understand the whys and wherefores of God, save know that He will care for us because we belong to Him. If we could only come to the Lord as little children as in the Sunday School

“I’m so glad I belong to Jesus,
I’m so glad I belong to Jesus
I’m so glad I belong to Jesus
Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!”

Besides acknowledging and trusting Him we know from His Word that He demands obedience. To be obedient we must trust Him to know what He is doing. To be obedient we need to know what He wants us to do. We need then to obey which is to follow Him. Yes, the blessings of the Lord they make you rich, not necessarily financially but in a wholesome way – spiritually, emotionally, physically relations wise to and with the people around us which in today’s parlance could include emotional quotient.

Are you blest with a good mind to be able to think about a situation, its options for resolutions, means for implementing the resolution and then obedience to the Word and His Spirit’s prompting? There are many who cannot think because they have been taken over by the pressures of life, by the oppression of the enemy, by the self which wants to take control but which is anaemic and weak in the face of enemy and life’s confrontations. Many have become paralyzed by the forces that face them which are beyond their match. If you are in that situation today, you can be blest if you take everything to the Lord in prayer. He says “Come unto me all ye who are heavy-burdened and I will give you rest.” Sometimes it is that break – Time Out – that you need to put you back on equilibrium, to be able to think again in proper perspective. Take Time Out with the Lord.. it will be worth every second you spend with Him. Count Him into your life and life-style – let it become a habit to turn to the Lord.

Are you blest with a good family and friends? Do not underestimate the benefit from family and friends support in the hurly burly of life situations. Why do so many reach out to social networking and all the jazz of making friends? They are lonely and need a friend. Why because the Lord has made us social beings. We need not only have friends to interact with, we need the Lord in our lives to chat with to talk about our problems and cares and to share the good times too. Have you learnt to cultivate the real relationships with friendships and networks in life? It takes effort not only on your side but also the other person’s side. Will you stretch out a friendly hand of support or encouragement when others are down? There is a Tit for Tat in support. Be there for someone and when they are stronger they will “tat” back when the Lord has blessed them and you need a hand. Chatting on chat is a good way to keep updated. We need to know the boundaries of communication and sharing and to respect each other. We need to minister to one another in love and prayers for only God can truly help them and us. Thank You God for family and friends along life’s way. Each can be a blessing to us if only we will count on them and be counted with them.

Yes, thank God for His Holy Spirit.. a BIG blessing in our lives… without His succour we will lose our direction, not have the power to overcome and stay the course and not have the hope that He brings in blessings both great and small in all sorts of ways throughout our lives. Thank You God for sending the Comforter into our lives as You promised. Great is His care and love to us.

Is there a well of thanksgiving welling up within you as you pause to think for His blessings great and small? Thank You Lord even for the tough times when You show Your everlasting love to me.

Or are you one of those who say I have not received any blessings, it has been trouble all the way from morning to night and into the next morning and the next night and so on. Then my friend my advice is “Look up for your redemption draws nigh”. If you will take one step towards God He will come to you and abide with you if you invite Him to be your Friend. He can be to you what He has been to me.. my “all in all” yes in blessings and in want He has been there and you can learn to shout His praise for the blessings which He has given,for He showers them on the good and the unlovely and spares not.. it is only for you to recognize them and be thankful. Count your blessings one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

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