Pray for victims of tornadoes – Joplin Missouri

As I watched Fox News tonight while chatting with one of our Contributors in the U.S, I was horrified and wondered what we (me from Singapore) and those of you who are reading this blog in the safety of your homes can do for the survivors.

May the Lord help those who have been traumatised, lost loved ones and possessions.
We can pray for healing of minds and bodies that have been hurt.
We may give support if they are our relatives and help them get on their feet again and perhaps we can give to the churches there, not just once but for a period of time as they recover – for the pastors who have lost their financial support and perhaps having to deal with the grieving and badly hurt congregations.
Let us pray for rescuers to find very quickly those who are buried yet alive in the ruins… may they all be strong to meet the demands of the hour.

Father in heaven, in everything may people turn to You their Sustainer and lover of their souls. Give them the assurance that You have not left them alone to struggle but that You will make a way even in the wilderness experience they will go through. Lord please give peace in the minds of the people and send them help at their points of need. Thank You Lord You are in control even in the destruction and loss of lives and things held dear and bring healing to hearts, bodies, minds and spirits . Be their comfort we pray and help us to respond and do our part, all we can to relieve the pain and loss in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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