Dim Sum – A children’s testimony

A young brother from our church went on a mission trip to Cambodia recently.

His assignment was to teach English to the children. So he and his buddy armed themselves to teach through the medium of songs.
They prepared several nursery rhymes and thought the children would know a few and they could gain the momentum to teach more words through the rest of the songs prepared.

On reaching Cambodia and the orphanage, they asked the children “Do you know how to sing Twinkle, twinkle little star?” The children said “No!”, They did not know any of the nursery rhymes the two brothers had prepared. The brothers felt very frustrated for they felt they had wasted what they had prepared.
Then they asked the children what songs they knew. Up came the hands – “Jesus loves me!” said one. “Jesus loves the little children” said another. “This light of mine” said another. How did they know those songs rather than the nursery rhymes? Many missionaries had come through who taught them the songs which they loved.

With a sigh or relief the two brothers found their feet to teach English to the Cambodian orphans.

Praise the Lord the work that the missionaries left behind continues in the hearts and the lives of the little children in Cambodia. .
Let us pray that the children will find Christ through the songs in English which they sing and which they will soon understand.

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