Small things, Great impact – My attitude to God (1)

This series Small things, Great Impact is to identify everyday seemingly little things which have great impact on my life. Perhaps nobody but I and the Lord kinow about them. They have their rewards or denials. I am sharing with hope to help someone weaker in the Christian life and to improve if others have more to share from their beliefs and experience.

My Attitude to God

Attitudes can break me or build me. If I have a positive attitude, the world is my oyster. Negative attitudes could make me wallow in depression as I watch the world go by in deeper depression.

Attitudes are formed in the framework of my beliefs.

If I believe in an Omnipotent, Omnisicient and Omnispresent God, I act accordingly. He is with me. He is for me. He is interested and intervenes for my good. He knows me through and through, forgives, builds and keeps me daily in His grace. I have done nothing to merit His grace except receive it. Thank You Father God, Son and Holy Spirit.

When I have such beliefs I
-begin the day praising Him for Who He is
– having a heart of thankfulness for His blessings and opportunities through the day,
– tapping His strength for the challenges and obstacles that I face throughout the day
– confident that He knows the way when I don’t understand or see the way ahead
– trust and obey His Word and listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit
– have the peace and joy of the Lord even when situations turn seemingly awry, because He is in control and I talk to Him all through the day. If there is any disruption, I must quickly get it right with a little talk with Jesus and it will make it right.
– can be His peacemaker with others in their conflicts with me, among others and with God
– can rest at the end of the day committing my life to Him whether I awake or not.
– look forward to that day when I can see Him face to face and live forever with Him in glory.

Seems simple – yet I shall be tested and work on it throughout my life on this earth– I must have a right relationship with God, with peace of mind and joy to carry on fulfilling the purpose that He has for me. I must trust and obey the Lord. I cannot do without Him.

Jesus And Me

I traveled alone upon this lonesome way;
My burdens so heavy and dark was my day.
I looked for a friend, not knowing that He
Had all the time been looking for me.

Now, it is Jesus and me for each tomorrow;
For every heartache and every sorrow.
I know that I can depend upon my new found Friend.
And so, till the end, it’s Jesus and me.

The road may be long to Heaven’s pearly gates.
I know that it’s narrow, and I know that it is straight.
But Jesus is there through eternity.
We’ll travel along just Jesus and me.

(Repeat Chorus)

Forever I’ll sing of His great love for me.
Forever I’ll tell it on land and on sea.
I’ll stay by His side contented I’ll be.
For all of my life, it’s Jesus and me.

Now, it is Jesus and me for each tomorrow,
For every heartache and every sorrow.
I know that I can depend upon my dearest Friend.
And so, till the end, it’s Jesus and me.

Ira Stanphill

J – Jesus
O – Others
Y- Yourself
JOY Jesus first, Yourself last and Others in between

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