Small Things, Great Impact – My attitude to others (2)

Attitude to Others

No one knows me better than my Lord. Others may misconstrue who I am or what my intentions are but the Lord sees me in my relationships with others.

Do I see them as competitors, rivals, friends or enemies?

Do I know my responsibilities to my friends
– A friend loveth at all times
– If I want a friend I have to be friendly myself
– Do I love them with the love of the Lord?
– Do I share the blessings (including the Gospel of Jesus Christ) of God with them?
– Do I share my life with them that together we may grow in understanding and experience of one another in God or pointing them to God?
– Do I forgive them when they are wrong?
– Do I forgive myself when I wrong them and ask for their forgiveness too?
– Am I a team player or a loner in the context of community and church while standing on the principles of God’s Word and the guidance of His Holy Spirit?

Do I esteem others better than myself? I need to be humble to accept others, their viewpoints and personalities.

Do I know that I cannot take revenge on others because vengeance belongs to the Lord and if He is in control of my life, He will repay?

The Lord wants me to love others as I love myself. Very, very tough commandment, and can be mitigated only by the fact that His love is greater than my love for Him and He empowers me to do the right if I choose the right and shun the wrong.

How do I treat others who would take advantage of me because of their positions, authority, money, size?
Do I pray for my friends? enemies? competitors or rivals?
Sometimes it is only through prayer that things can be made right in God’s sight – yes that is the most important perspective.

Do I appreciate my true friends and give them the due respect and honour? Do I take advantage of them because of their ?wonderfully gentle and courteous character:
I need to remember to do unto others as I would have them do to me. I need the Lord’s help to fulfil the golden rule. .
Do I share with those who do not have?

This series Small things, Great Impact is to identify everyday seemingly little things which have great impact on my life. Perhaps nobody but I and the Lord kinow about them. They have their rewards or denials. I am sharing with hope to help someone weaker in the Christian life and to improve if others have more to share from their beliefs and experience.
J – Jesus
O – Others
Y- Yourself
JOY Jesus first, Yourself last and Others in between.

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