CLICK A BLESSING TODAY – Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day Cake 2009

Image by Jim, the Photographer via Flickr

Amen – Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers on ChristianBlessings and who are reading too!

On this day we celebrate that we have our Greatest Father who is in heaven and yet with us on earth by His Holy Spirit. Today we celebrate Who He was, is and is to come. Today we celebrate that we can be called His children, sons and daughters of the Living God, joint heirs with Jesus our Lord.

Today we celebrate our Loving Father – for His grace and mercy and strength that empowers us to live this life in victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. All we have needed His hand has supplied. Thank You Lord.

Today we celebrate He knows us – our weaknesses, our strengths, our follies, our sins. We celebrate He still forgives when we confess our sins. We celebrate because He first loved us and even before we knew it, He made a way for us to escape the penalty of sins. Today we celebrate that when we draw near to Him He will draw near to us.

Do you know our loving Heavenly Father?

For the fathers out there, we celebrate that you are still around to bless and be blessed.We thank God for you whoever you are and that He has a purpose in your life. He loves you more than you know and He is your grace and sufficiency in times of need and weakness. He is your Provider and will not let you be tested more than you can bear.

So take courage dear father, draw near to Jesus. He is there for you. Cast your cares upon Him. He knows your need for strength to carry on when the road gets lonely and drear. You can find in our Heavenly Father a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. You can find He is right there with you. So thank Him for His faithfulness, if you have found Him and if you have not, taste and see that He is faithful by calling upon His Name. He wants to be there for you. Acknowledge Him and tell Him so.

May God bless you and your families and may His face shine upon you today. Experience Him in a fresh and living way by surrendering to Him today and letting Him into your life to accompany you all through life’s journey. Offer your life to Him today.


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