Stop Moving!

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Image by Jocelyn Catterson and Jeremy Daigneault via Flickr

As i watched the video,   guilt took over me?! Here it was a Blind, crippled young man, glorifying God through his actions , and words; I put Actions before words for that was what it was. AS Christians we have a tendency to push our agenda forward with our mouth rather than our Action! Well let me tell you, this young man made me repent, and walked me to a place I’ve been avoiding for a long time. A place that God had ordained me to be to go forward  for what he had called me for! I know it sounds crazy, but God turns Crazy to righteous  on a Dime 🙂

Oh here is the CLICK A BLESSING – Music of Opportunity, Sound of Potential

I do not know where you might be with God today, but remember He is in control, but he will not move till you surrender and stop moving!

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4 Responses to Stop Moving!

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Welcome wdednh as our Contributor to ChristianBlessings. .
    When we stop moving in our on strength. He moves us. What a thought – to be moved by the great, big, wonderful God. There is no failure in Him when we are apt to fail. Praise His Name.

  2. wdednh says:

    Thank you Loopy and God bless you 🙂

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