Got Church?

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So what is the big deal about church?

Good question! And deserves a good answer. Something more than, “You gotta have one to get married in,” or it’s aplace kids outa be on Sunday.” Or how about, “there’s not a better spot to make business contacts.”

Really, now…haven’t you wondered at times if the church is that significant in a day of high level decisions and powerful international issues? I have. How could congregation of folks carry much clout in our modern era of transcontinental missiles, mind boggling scientific discoveries, space exploration, and impressive educational advancements? It’s easy to be tad cynical when you compare the importance of a brilliant body of keen-thinking minds wrestling over a decision that could impact a continent of humanity whit a few dozen people in some white clapboard building singing “In the sweet Bye and Bye.”

Yet, unless you’ve recently sliced Matthew 16:18 out of your Bible, it still says the same thing Jesus said. It still includes an unconditional promise that the church is His personal project (“I will build my church”) and also that it will be perpetually invincible. No way will “the gates of hell” put it out of business. When you chew on that thought long enough, you begin to realize that the church is the impervious anvil, and all these other hot items, no matter how impressive and loud and intimidating, will ultimately cool off and be replaced.

             The church is the only institution dealing with the ultimate issues. Death, Judgment. Relationships. Purpose. Lasting priorities. Meaning in life. Identity. Heaven and Hell.

The church provides perspective that gives dignity to mankind. We live in a day in which man has become a means rather than an end. This creates a desperate sense of inner worthlessness. The church counteracts this insidious message.

           The Church provides a moral and ethical compass in the midst of relativism. Like a swamp of murky, slimy water, our society has rethought, resisted, or completely rejected absolutes. Not the church! It still stands on the timeless bedrock of Scripture.

           The church is the only place to find true community, healing, compassion, and love. It is here people care, Really care. Not because of status or money. But because the Spirit of God is at work, weaving together the lives within the Body.

           The church (like no other institution)has provided motivation for the most lasting, unselfish, essential, courageous ministries on earth. Schools. Hospitals. Halfway houses. Orphanages. Leprosariums. Missions.

Look back over the list. Think each one through. Think each one through. See if it doesn’t thrill you to realize you are connected with such a significant are of strength.

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7 Responses to Got Church?

  1. 4hispraise says:

    Beautifully said. The only way to “keep it holy”. It becomes an individual thing… not just a collective.

  2. wdednh says:

    AMEN 🙂

  3. ptl2010 says:

    Praise the. Lord His Church shall prevail over all. Hallelujah! Let this message resound through all the earth and let His people rejoice for great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. h

  4. Pat Momary says:

    This is so totally profound, and right on the bullseye of truth! I am thankful that it is the last email I am reading of today’s CB collection, and a beautiful one to mull over as I get off to bed and sleep tonight. I would though, like to ask permission to copy it to my Facebook page…I think it deserves wider exposure. I know CB’s originator would vouch for me, if you need confirmation, and one or two of the other of her helpers. Thanks, and blessings, Pat Momary

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