Dim Sum – Travel – Sitka 20 July, 2011

Indian River in Sitka, Alaska.

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Sitka is blessed with abundant marine wildlife. Get out on the water aboard a dayboat or kayak, and you’ll pass seal haul-outs and seabird rookeries filled with nature’s sights and sounds. (tour pamphlet)

“From the moment you arrive in Sitka and are entertained by the New Archangel Dancers clad in vibrant floral prints and representing the culture of Russia, you’ll soon see that Sitka is different from the rest of Alaska. Yet, it’s not just about the Russian influence that makes Sitka unique. Her amazingly diverse economic activities contribute to the makeup of the locals, with employment ranging from the commercial fishing industry and tourism to drinking water exportation and even the Alaska State Trooper Academy. In addition to the locals’ livelihoods, in May 2008 Sitka was designated a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, confirming the town’s commitment to quality of life and their transportation system. But the bottom line is that Sitka is primarily a fishing community, so it’s not uncommon to see the locals wearing rubber “X-tra Tuff” boots everywhere – including restaurants. In fact, in September the residents hold their annual Running of the Boots race, a symbolic “goodbye” to the summer’s visitors and “hello” to the returning salmon — all the while donning rubber boots and zany costumes.”

And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that [it was] good.Genesis 1:21

Extract From Creation for Kids http://creation.com/fish-swim-birds-fly-day-5

flying bird

On the fifth day of Creation Week, the earth was ready to support animal life. God had made water, soil, air, and plants and fruits for food. He had also created the sun to give light and warmth. Now God created Earth’s first inhabitants—the animals that live in the sea and those that fly in the air. Once again He simply commanded them all to come into being, and they did!

All the sea creatures

When God spoke, the sea was suddenly teeming with every kind of creature that lives there—tiny ones called krill, small fish like sardines, medium-sized fish like salmon, bigger fish such as marlin and swordfish, and much larger creatures like whales and plesiosaurs. God also made jellyfish and eels, corals and crabs, octopuses and porpoises, and all the others too.

Some people say that whales evolved from an animal like a cow or from some other land animal that decided it wanted to start living in the sea and eating seaweed or other sea creatures instead of grass. But why would it do that? There is no convincing evidence to support this idea. And God tells us that He did not make the land animals until Day 6.

Did you know that the vast majority of fish don’t eat each other, but eat underwater plant material like seaweed, algae (like green rock slime), and drifting tiny plants called plankton (really phytoplankton).

All the flying creatures

Suddenly, too, at God’s command, there were all sorts of flying creatures—birds like parrots, pigeons and poultry; flying insects like butterflies, bees and bugs; as well as bats (which are mammals); and the flying reptiles we call pterosaurs. What a marvellous sight it must have been! What a marvellous sound there must have been when the birds began to sing!

God made these creatures with four different types of wings. Birds’ wings are made of feathers; insects’ wings are made of membranes or thin scales; bats’ wings are made of skin stretched over long arm and hand bones; while for pterosaurs’ wings the skin was stretched over a long fourth finger bone.

Flight feathers are remarkable features. When a bird raises its wing, the feathers move apart to let the air through and reduce resistance. But on the downstroke the feathers close completely, thus greatly improving lift. Also, a bird can vary the shape of its wings for more efficient take-off, flapping, gliding and landing.

People who don’t believe in a Creator have no explanation for the remarkable design features of feathers. Most of them claim that a reptile’s scales changed into feathers. But no fossil showing a transition from scale to feather has ever been found.

God cares for all

God was pleased when he looked at what He had made on Day 5. Not only did He say it was good, He also blessed the fish and the birds, and commanded them to reproduce—each to make baby animals just like itself. Although God does not love animals in the same way that He loves people, He still notices when a sparrow falls to the ground (Matthew 10:29), and He cares for them. How much more God cares for you and me!

‘After its kind’

Man based thier designs for flight on birdsDinosour did not evolve into birds. God created dinosaurs and birds separately

The Bible tells us that God made each one of these animals ‘after its kind’. Those people who do not believe that God created say instead that one kind of animal evolved into another kind all by itself.

But there is no evidence that one kind of animal ever changed into a different kind. In the beginning, there was no evolutionary struggle for existence, with death and disease over millions of years.

Fish did not arise or come into being from a worm in an ancient pond, and birds did not come from dinosaurs. The Bible says God created all of the birds before He created any of the land animals. If animals made themselves from other animals over long periods of time, we should find millions and millions of fossils of ‘half-way’ animals, but we don’t!

The theory of evolution says that sea life came first, then land plants, then land animals, then birds. But God says that He made plants first, then sea life and birds together. God did not use evolution to create over millions of years.

God’s unlimited knowledge, wisdom and power are seen much more clearly in His creating everything in a short time than if He had used a long-drawn-out, cruel, evolutionary process. Until Adam sinned by disobeying God, no animal died and no human died.

On Day 5, God simply gave the order that there should be living creatures in the sea and in the air, and they came into being. God’s powerful Word was fulfilled exactly the way He said.


We  see the beauty of God’s creations in the sea and in the air here at Sitka. It is awesome that He made them all.  Praise the Lord for His beautiful and wonderful creation.

God delights to show himself in little as well as in great things: hence he forms animals so minute that 30,000 can be contained in one drop of water; and others so great that they seem to require almost a whole sea to float in. (Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible)

“and God saw that it was good” or foresaw that those creatures he made in the waters and in the air would serve to display the glory of his perfections, and be very useful and beneficial to man, he designed to create. (Gill’s Exposition of the Whole Bible)

” ‘Twas on the fifth day that the fish and fowl were created, and both out of the waters.

Observe 1. The making of the fish and fowl at first. Ge 1:20,21 God commanded them to be produced, he said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly – The fish in the waters, and the fowl out of them. This command he himself executed, God created great whales, and c. – Insects which are as various as any species of animals, and their structure as curious, were part of this day’s work, some of them being allied to the fish, and others to the fowl. Notice is here taken of the various species of fish and fowl, each after their kind; and of the great numbers of both that were produced, for the waters brought forth abundantly; and in particular of great whales the largest of fishes, whose bulk and strength, are remarkable proofs of the power and greatness of the Creator.

Observe 2. The blessing of them in order to their continuance. Life is a wasting thing, its strength is not the strength of stones; therefore the wise Creator not only made the individuals, but provided for the propagating of the several species, Ge 1:22. God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply – Fruitfullness is the effect of God’s blessing, and must be ascribed to it; the multiplying of the fish and fowl from year to year, is still the fruit of this blessing here. (Wesley’s notes).

Conclusion : The mind of man is not equal to God’s. Yet arrogant man pretends he is God and thinks he knows everything. There is nothing that is not known to God. There are many things not known to man. What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? (Psalm 8:4)


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2 Responses to Dim Sum – Travel – Sitka 20 July, 2011

  1. 4hispraise says:

    Thank you for the visit to Sitka and to Genesis It resolves the who came first dilemma; the chicken or the egg.. I was pretty sure it was the chicken. We don’t fully know why he crossed the road. We will talk about it on your visit.here.

  2. 4hispraise says:

    Thank you for the visit to Sitka and to Genesis It resolves the who came first dilemma; the chicken or the egg.. I was pretty sure it was the chicken. We don’t fully know why he crossedf the road. We will talk about it on your visit.here.

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