Why Me Syndrome

Barbed tape at a prison

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    Have you ever noticed there are times which you are hard at doing Gods work regardless of what it may be, and everything around you falls apart, after all since you are doing good and working for God you should be rewarded, right? Than why is it that instead of being rewarded you get punish, at least it feels that way! In addition, what is it we say when things go wrong? “God, Why me?, why this has to happen to me? Then slowly we withdrew from God, we stop reading the word, we stop our daily thanks giving and drown ourselves in self-pity, for now we are infected with the “Why me syndrome.” This is a very contagious syndrome. Majority of Christians have been misled to believe that since they have been born again they will have absolutely no problem what so ever, after all they do Gods work!

However this was not the case with “Paul & Silas,”as we read in the book of Acts chapter 16th verses 16 to 30.

As we read on here are Paul and Silas Doing God’s work by preaching his Gospel, casting demons and freeing the possess girl, and for reward they receive flogging and were imprisoned, but not like todays jails, scourged and bleeding they were in chains and shackled to the wall; can you imagine the pain which they were in?

You would think, based on today’s attitude within Christians, that they would be really pissed off with God and most likely they would be complaining and were wrapped in cocoon of self-pity.  

 However the Scriptures paint a different picture! The Bible states that “Paul & Silas” were singing Hymns and parsing God! WHAT? Were they out their mind? Were they gone mad? Or they were aware of the truth which most of us ignore and choose to forget by our selfishness; Yes they knew that Gods plan is bigger than them. They knew that God uses tragedy to accomplish His complex yet simple plan! As we read more we come to see the plan unfolding in front of us; as the earthquake shakes the foundations of the dungeon, and consequently releases all the prisoners, we see none of them tries to escape,  and we see how God brings a lost sheep( The prison Guard)home by using “Paul&Silas”! Even in their hardship these two did not lose their hope and trust in God, and gave Him Thanks and praised Him, for they Knew God is bigger than them. It is very hard not to ask the Why me question while bad things happen, however, remember God is always in charge and you are never alone!

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8 Responses to Why Me Syndrome

  1. ptl2010 says:

    I have just come across this post as I was on my cruise to Alaska when this was posted and I had no access then to ChristianBlessings.

    This is an excellent post on a subject many would prefer to avoid. .

  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    Gold is assuaged by fire. Many times I have to remember that. Excellent post, Loopy.

  3. wdednh says:

    You are right! and thank you .

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  5. wdednh says:

    Thank you LoopyLoo 🙂

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