ChristianBlessings is One Today -You are Faithful

You are faithful

Lord of all the earth
How You care for me
You have made me
You will save and carry me always

You are faithful
You are faithful
You are faithful
Your joy is my strength

Lord you are my God
I rely on You
I put my hope in things not seen
Your promises all true
Always you’re with me
Your hand will lift me
My trust is in your hands
Always you’re with me
Your hand will lift me
My trust is in your hands

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The Lord is faithful is the testimony of ChristianBlessings and everyone of its Contributors, and it is His joy that will sustain this Blogsite and each one involved.

In the beginning

It was July 4, 2010 – I was perusing the internet in Singapore, curious how the Americans were celebrating their July 4 celebrations when up popped a WordPress July 4 hard-to-resist offer for starting a Blog on their site. Curious I looked and thought it seemed quite easy. I never thought then that I would be committed to writing a blog every day after the blogsite was set up. I was surprised with the help I received from WordPress when as a non-IT savvy person I started on the blog trail. I thank God that although there can be many more improvements, His hand has been upon ChristianBlessings right from the start. It was no accident I came across the advertisement it was no accident I signed up with WordPress – it was a divine appointment!

First Blog Hello world!
Posted on July 23, 2010 by ptl2010

Hello world… here’s introducing ChristianBlessings for a blessed experience of sharing and blessing what the Lord has done, is doing and will do in our Christian lives for His glory.

One year on..23 July 2011…………
ChristianBlessings today.

It never occurred to me that the Lord’s plans could be so wonderful. It is with deep gratefulness and joy that I record to the glory of God the following plans and provision of the Lord:

– Just one week shy of one year in service on ChristianBlessings, the Lord surprised me with a spiritual refreshing cruise to Alaska (16-23 July 2011)with a group of God’s children led by Max Lucado and Don Moen  (two anointed servants of the Lord who have blessed us with their writings and songs and music ). The Lord knew I needed fresh inspiration to be a blessing – just in time – so praise the Lord for refreshing inspiration from Him and His willing servants, for more years of service on ChristianBlessings and wherever He leads.

– Today I will celebrate the first anniversary of ChristianBlessings with another surprise from the Lord, a most memorable, ChristianBlessings historical first time meeting, between ChristianBlessings’ Administrator and its first Contributor (since 5 August 2010), 4hispraise (Uncle Milt) and his wife in Portland, Oregon. Praise the Lord it will be a time of fellowship and exhorting one another to greater heights in the Lord. Thank God for UM’s wise counsel here. We pray that he will be with us for many more years.

ChristianBlessings Contributors

– The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful mix of Contributors (and their pastors – such faithful men of God whose influence are indirectly reflected here – Pastors Mehl, Michael, Hubert,  Matt,  and John, my pastor and others whose names I do not know but He knows) on ChristianBlessings, of widespread interest, knowledge and experience creatively and painstakingly reflected here

* Uncle Milt ( 4hispraise) is known here and elsewhere, writes blogs with an artistic flair and when read, they seem like spice to my curry and tom yam soup, delectable toppings on my ice-cream – enjoyable for thought in snippets, about God, His world and how wonderful He is and about life applications and experience from the Christian artist’s viewpoint.

* Ron ( kainosktsis) a dear American Vietnam veteran friend (on Chat and prayer intercessor) who joined us on 7 August 2010 to blog in his inimitable style on subjects which prick our conscience if we have not seen the light of God’s pragmatism – short and sharp!

* Rick (RickRoehm) a pastor, opens up the Word from the years he has spent on the Word, in helping us understand some Biblical mysteries from the Word. He is our Lord’s fisherman and fisher of men too. He has shared how God revolutionized his life to His praise.

* Debra (Debradoo) a wonderful American sister-in-Christ joined us on 17 August, 2010 – she dishes out in palatable way practical applications of fundamental principles in God’s Word – a delightful chef for the Lord in blogs and comments.

* Chris   (Arisensleeper), once fellow-Singaporean from Canada, a pastor/college professor joined us on 21 August 2010 and contributed several awakening blogs. Although he is too busy in the church awakening business and his new brood, and pastoring, we thank God for the time he was lent to us.

* Billy (Billybtenessee) joined us on 31 August, 2010 , a staunch, conservative brother in the Word and the Lord, shares pointedly to remind us to keep to the simple Truth in a compromising world. Now too busy otherwise to contribute here.

* Joo Ching (Gardener58) my friend and Singaporean missionary, training church planters to Aeta and other tribes in the Philippines, joined us on 3 September, 2010. Intermittently with internet access, He gives us a flavour of missions and simple tribal Christian living.

* Art (Aliveintheword), is our top and most prolific Contributor,  joined us on 30 September 2010 (so glad he joined us by the Lord’s appointment)  and took our viewership a notch higher with the very interesting and wide range of topics he shares and his social networking contacts. Bible archaelogy, history, Revelation, being a grandpa are his forte He is truly an example of a responsible, willing, faithful Christian brother who is busy, yet being loaded, with more assignments in church. at work, on this blog and elsewhere, by the Lord. A truisim, if you want to get work done, ask someone who is already busy. (Yes, The Lord uses balding heads too – Praise the Lord – a head that is dedicated to His service and the anointed head of his tribe!) May the Lord strengthen our brother spiritually and physically, and sustain this brother in His service.

* I thank God for four new Contributors in Deeplyrootedinhim who joined us on 8 March 2011 and faithful4him – who joined us on 12 March 2011, and recently for wdednh and loopyloo who joined  in early July 2011. Thank God for bringing them to us. We trust it will be fellowship deep and true in the love of the Lord as we get to know them in the year ahead and they share of their experiences with the Lord.

* And there is Joanna my niece, who has been my personal Contributor in the background, keeping me IT coached and tuned to ChristianBlessings wherever I be in the world. What a blessing the young ones are to me in the ministry.

* And there is now added Jon, my nephew and Mich, his wife who are unobtrusively comforting when I am in the wilderness of IT, representatives of the now generation that lives and works for Jesus.  Budding addition is my younger nephew Mark, just discovering his talents in IT and using it for the Lord. Praise God,  we need the young and the old to form a formidable team against the enemy in today’s fast changing cyberworld.

* And there is Patsy our prayer intercessor in California…….yes! a grandmother dedicated to the missions of the Lord in the Middle East.. we thank God for her sincere and persevering heart on our behalf before the throne of grace.

In addition to those named aboved, thank God for their families and their pastors. May each one continue to grow in Him, be available for His use, be inspired as never before to spread His love through the blogs they write here on ChristianBlessings.  Thank you very much Contributors  and familiesfor your commitment and dedication.

May the Lord send us in His time, added blessed Contributors, commentators and viewers who love to tell the story of Jesus and His works in their lives,  is our prayer.

Achieving for the Lord -we want to achieve more for Him

Praise the Lord, ChristianBlessings viewership hit 50,000 on June 10,2011 and by today it should be over 60,000. Praise the Lord! Our viewers  come from more than 12 nations (our Visitors listing set to max at 12 countries does not include those who come from many countries via WordPress e,g, from Mexico, Australia, South America, Facebook and other social networking sources). It is my prayer that we will double the number of people whose lives (seen or unseen in our statistics) are touched every day by CLICK A BLESSING TODAY, with each passing year.

We joined Christian Blog Topsites on April 5, 2011 , not for competition, but to ensure that we are progressing and are constantly on our toes to fulfil His plan to His glory. May we always keep humble as He adds into our midst one by one by one. Quantcast Audience Profile through WordPress also provides more audience profile.

May we always have fresh experience to share of today not just of yesterday. May His Word be living and real in our lives as the Holy Spirit gives wisdom and discernment. Not dependent on man but on God our ultimate source of inspiration and singspiration. No we do not want to be menpleasers but Godpleasers. So come join us if you believe as we do.This will be God’s, your blogsite too, if you choose.

We thank God for His working in our personal lives – through the valleys, crises and mountain top experiences this year that we may share here. God is good.

We are waiting on the Lord for more of His works among us at ChristianBlessings, with more spiritually fruitful alliances/partnerships in the next year, with no limitations in our faith in Him. We want to support more missions works in prayer (Seed Ministry and others like library on wheels and perhaps broadcasting on the airwaves in the Far East) so that the Great Commission is fulfilled around the world. What He has begun, He will continue to do and that it will be exceedingly, abundantly above all we can do or think to His glory. It will be HIS work among us, touching lives everyday. Not for filthy lucre or ordinary gain but for eternity and the glory of God. Amen.

I have revised the Blessed Page here and renamed it Faithful One – We are Blessed, with inclusion of a constant reminder for anyone who is associated with ChristianBlessings – we exist because He is the Faithful One.. We know there is much to do, He has plans and we will by His grace and mercy walk through the doors He opens.

I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.” Revelation 3:8

Let us continously pray for one another.

Help us be faithful Lord
Lead us where you want us to go,
Protect us into another year and in the years ahead,
 And touch lives through ChristianBlessings
Inspire us with Your daily blessings to be shared
And give us the gratefulness and courage to share.
 Thank You from us ALL at ChristianBlessings
Thine be the glory, forevermore.

Evelyn (ptl2010)
23 July 2011

About ptl2010

Jesus Christ is coming soon
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8 Responses to ChristianBlessings is One Today -You are Faithful

  1. rickroehm says:


    Keep doing it with joy. There are things (through this ministry) being done by God that are not on the agenda. God uses people as vessels for His Divine purpose. We may not see it…but Glory…it’s being done for Him, for His cause, and for the furtherance of Christ. Truely a work of art that is reaching around the globe in unity, in one accord, and with power. God is behind Christian Blessings and has joined together a people of committment, unity, and love. People’s lives and hearts are being touched with the Christ we represent. May His will be done through what you started Eveylyn. God Bless you, your family, your friends, and your ministry. We love you sister and the work you do at Christian Blessings.

    Rick Roehm

    • ptl2010 says:

      Thank you Rick for your encouraging word.. and it is to you and all the contributors and readers, that God wants to uplift us in His knowledge and grace and mercy, that this vehicle Christian Blessings exists to bless and to be blessings. Glory to God in the highest and may it continue to be so in the future.

  2. Pat Momary says:

    Hi, Evelyn and all, what a day of celebration…is this a foretaste of things to come, or what!!! I have personally just come home from a graduation of a GREAT-GRANDSON’S (sorry to upstage you here, Art:) graduation from pre-school to Kindergarten, so it truly is a day of celebration for me. And I am thrilled to read of all that has been accomplished in this past year…as you continually remind us, Evelyn: God is faithful, all the time! He has blessings for us, some of which I hadn’t even thought to request! My best to all who are making this project the success it is experiencing! In His Service with you, PM

    • ptl2010 says:

      Amen, our best together with all Contributors will be acceptable to the Lord as we present ourselves daily. We shall see the faithfulness of the Lord here.

  3. 4hispraise says:

    What a Chronology of an effort by one who cerainly can do more in one year than a few in their lifetime.
    There is no question about God’s hand in all of this; a lesson to all those who would venture into the unknown convinced that He will make the way…… and he has in this case -bigtime.. Congratulations, Lynn
    Your rewards need not wait….enjoy your time away. (sorta). Ummmm…..Happy first year to you! Happy fiirst day to you.

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