Preparing for a Miracle

 John 5: 2 – 15

When Jesus asks this man “Do you want to be healed?”, He is basically asking this man to look deep within his heart and see if this is truly what he wants.
Jesus is asking this man, “This healing will bring about some major changes in your life, are you ready for these changes?”
Jesus is asking ..
Do you want to work for your own living?
Do you want the full responsibility of life?
Are you willing to give up the mercies and compassions of those that have been taking care of you?
Are you willing to be ready to explain to others that have not received their own healing, that you have received your healing?
Are you ready for the questions and doubts that come from the authorities of darkness?
Are you ready to disembark the pity train?
Are you ready to explain where the healing came from?
Are you ready to spread the gospel to those that belittle, make fun of and dismiss the supernatural works of God?
Have you ever wondered why God is not always so free with the miracles?  Notice in verse 14 of John 5 ..
14 But afterward Jesus found him in the Temple and told him, “Now you are well; so stop sinning, or something even worse may happen to you.”
Could it be because miracles come with a price that we must be ready to pay?  Could it be that we are unwilling to give up some things to get some things?  Miracles require a readiness and a preparation and a maturity on the part of the receiver.
Whether a physical healing or a spiritual healing ..  Either require maturity and a readiness to receive.
Whether oppression or suppression or depression or even possession, we must be ready for the change that deliverance and healing and miracles bring about.
Jesus is asking this man if he wants the changes that this healing will bring about in his life.  Asking God for anything is actually asking God for our lives to be changed.  The bigger the blessings, the bigger the change and the bigger the change the bigger the dilemmas we are forced to face and solve.
When we ask for a blessing, we should also ask God to make us ready to receive this blessing.
Ask Him to help us mature in the ways that the change we are seeking will bring about in our lives.
Miracles come with a price and we must be ready to pay that price.
Let’s use an alcoholic for example .. Let’s say God delivers the alcoholic from cravings for alcohol.
There is an immediate rejoicing within the person that has been cured.
However, the enemy has had this person operating under this curse for quite a few years now and the enemy does not give up so easily.
The miracle is wonderful, but now come the tests, the trials, and the tribulations.
Make no mistake.
Satan will come out with all guns blazing to try to tempt this person to take a drink.
If this person were to give in, then Satan has a victory and with his victory he will now think he is entitled to bring all sorts of demonic oppression upon this person.
The drink might lead to drugs and the drugs will lead to more drugs and the more drugs will eventually lead to death or at least a death wish.
Do you think this person would have been better off without the miracle?

You might think “God would never give me something I ask for that might bring me trouble”.
Go to 1 Samuel 8
Then remember how the Israelites asked God for a king and He sent them Saul.
We spend our lives preparing for things.  Vacations, buying a home, buying a car, opening a business, getting a job, etc.
What can we do to prepare for a miracle?  We can develop daily habits of prayer and studying the Word of God.  Remembering His promises.   We can develop a habit of meditating on what He has said to be truth, contrary to how we might feel or what we might be seeing in the natural.  We can thank Him daily in praise and in worship.  We can ask Him to guide us into a greater obedient lifestyle.  We can confess what we know to be sin in our lives and ask Him to forgive us and to guide us into righteous practices.  In all that we do, we must keep our expectations alive.

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5 Responses to Preparing for a Miracle

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Amen. In Him we can keep our hope that He has promised in His word and hang in there till we see the lights of Home. Praise the Lord He will give strength to those who have no might if they believe in Him even with faith the size of a mustard seed (a condition which has to be met for any miracle to take place).

  2. Pat Momary says:

    Really a great reminder, debradoo…I am going to put these thoughts in the forefront of my meditating the rest of my day…Blessings, PM

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