Dim Sum – Time with the family of God in Portland, Oregon 24 July 2011

Today Uncle Milt has invited us to join him and his family to attend the Beaverton Foursquare Church. According to Wikepedia, Beaverton Foursquare Church was founded by Bill Melton and his wife, Jean, in 1961. In 1964, the congregation purchased 10 acres (40,000 m2) along Walker Road. The initial building project started in 1966 with the chapel being completed in 1968. The new building was dedicated by Rolf McPherson, son of Aimee Semple McPherson who founded the Foursquare denomination. The average weekly attendance at that time was 75 people.

In 1973, Ron Mehl took over leadership of the church. During his time of leadership, the weekly attendance increased to over 5,000 people. A number of new building projects were completed in order to accommodate the growth of the church. This growth also resulted in the Heart of the Word radio ministry, broadcasting the sermons from Pastor Mehl. The staff of the church also increased to include many pastors and other employees. By 2000, the church had grown to 6,000 and was the largest church in Oregon.[1] Ron Mehl continued in his role as Senior Pastor until his death in 2003; his radio ministry continues nationwide under the direction of Compassion Ministries. After Mehl’s death, Randy Remington was named his successor and continues in that role to this day.

It is our privilege to worship in this beautiful church for truly “ I was glad when they (UM)  said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.” Psalm 122:1 We will “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, [and] into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, [and] bless His name.” Psalm 100:4

“Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”:
“Be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven”:
“Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid.”

A sacrifice of praise will always cost us something. It will be a difficult thing to do. It requires trading in our pride, our anger, and most valued of all, our human logic. Most of the verses written about praise in God’s Word were penned by men and women who faced crushing heartaches, injustice, treachery, slander, and scores of other intolerable situations. …..Come before Him (“Presence”) with joyful singing.” Singing is an important part of the believer’s life. Christianity began with angels singing over the Bethlehem manger. According to Revelation, eternity will begin with the saints of God singing the song of the redeemed. “Presence” – the face, countenance, atmosphere and favor. (Psalms 16:11)
The Command to. . . Sing Joyfully. The Hebrew word for sing joyfully is renanah (ren-aw-naw’) meaning; a shout (for joy), to overcome, to cry out, to shout for joy, to give a ringing cry , to cry aloud (in summons, exhortation of wisdom). God likes joyful sounds and singing. He exults over us with joy and rejoices over us with singing (Zephaniah 3.17).
Psalms 100:3 -The Hebrew word for know is yada` (yaw-dah) meaning ; to know properly, to ascertain by seeing, to learn to know, to perceive and to know by experience. This is an emphasis on knowledge and what we can know, and what we can comprehend about God and  to comprehend God’s control.

Psalms 100:4 -The Hebrew word for Gate is “Sha` ar (shah’-ar) means an opening, a door or gate to meeting place, a city or town. “Gates” symbolize the entrance into a palace, camp, temple, or the city itself. Gates represent jurisdiction, dwelling, strength, power, dominion. We enter God’s gates on our way to His Throne. The phrase of scripture says, “Enter His gates with thanksgiving.” This means as you come into the place of worship, the public place of worship, you come with the idea of giving thanks. We cannot enter His gates with ungrateful hearts. Our first songs as we are entering into praise should be ones that express our heartfelt thanksgiving unto the Lord.
Thanksgiving – (towdah) an extension of the hands, avowal, adoration, a choir of worshippers, confession, a sacrifice of praise. And give thanks for everything that takes place in the worship service as long as it is to the glory of God. (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Gratitude is an attitude: a personal quality that molds us and shapes our lives – not just something we do or say. (Hebrews 13:15 ) . . And His courts with praise (Tehillah). ” (Psalms 100:4b). Once we have properly entered His gates with hearts filled with thanksgiving, our next stop and final destination is his courts, the place where we ultimately stand before our great King.”
Above notes are from thanks to the authors for their inspiration.

Click to access Intro_ENTER_HIS_GATES.pdf

We shall come rejoicing in His Name for this is the day the Lord has made for us to be in His house and to worship with His precious people.  Praise the Lord.

If the weather permits we will be visiting the Portland Rose Garden with their website giving us the history of the rose plant. :

“The rose is one of the oldest flowers known to man, and still one of the most popular. Nebuchadnezzar used them to adorn his palace and in Persia, where they were grown for their perfume oil, the petals were used to fill the Sultan’s mattress. In Kashmir the Moghul emperors cultivated beautiful rose gardens and roses were strewn in the river to welcome them on their return home. Roses later became synonymous with the worst excesses of the Roman Empire – the peasants were reduced to growing roses instead of food crops in order to satisfy the demands of their rulers. The emperors filled their swimming baths and fountains with rose-water and sat on carpets of rose petals for their feasts and orgies. Heliogabalus used to enjoy showering his guests with rose petals which tumbled down from the ceiling during the festivities. “

There is also the Language of Roses at the Portland Rose Garden website :

A rose language was invented as a means of communication between lovers who were not allowed to express their feelings in the harems of the Middle East.

Red Rose symbolizes love, respect, courage, and desire.
Dark crimson roses are given as a symbol of mourning.
Pink represents grace, elegance, appreciation, and gentleness.
White roses stand for innocence, purity, reverence, and humility, but can also mean secrecy and silence.
Yellow roses denoted jealousy in Victorian times, but are now given to express friendship, joy, gladness, and freedom.
Orange roses convey enthusiasm and desire.
“Blue” roses are associated with fantasy and the impossible, as no blue roses truly exist in nature.
Cut roses - various colorsTwo roses together on a single stem indicate engagement and upcoming marriage.
A rose without thorns conveys love at first sight. ”

What does our life speak of in the fellowship of believers and in our worlds at home, at work, at play and everywhere else at different times of the day and in different scenarios?

Do we emit the sweet fragrance of the rose or some foul putrid smell that is an insult to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

Do we have different colours in our testimony like the chameleon which changes according to the colour of its background – are we worldly in the world and hypocritically super- spiritual in church?

May the Lord help us exhibit the true colours of Jesus Christ of abounding love and compassion, of the fruit of the Spirit in gentleness, faith, goodness, longsuffering, love, joy peace, meekness and temperance.  May the Spirit help us to be consistent in our witness and our faith be exemplary to the confused world we live in.

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