Dim Sum – Every Moment of the Day

Every moment of the day,
My Father cares for me.
Every moment of the day,
My heart from fear is free
He Who sees the sparrows fall

Will hear my call
Every moment of the day
My Father watches over me.

Yes, we used to teach the kids in Sunday School to sing that chorus, reminding them that wherever they are the Father is with them. They need not fear.

There are many fearful people today taken over by paralyzing fear in the face of insurmountable worries of the things that are to come or in the imaginations of their mind. Others have been overtaken by the torrents of events that have flooded their lives and taken over leading to helplessness, hopelessness and ruin.

And it all happened or started in a moment.

Oh it is wonderful to have the assurance that He cares for us every moment of the day.
As children of God we can have the confidence that He cares for us.

I was on a plane en route from Instanbul to Cyprus one day. It was a period under military law and tensions were high between Greeks and Turks. I brought highly classified papers from Singapore, for a corporate takeover in London for my British boss who was holidaying in Cyprus.

There in the plane next to me sat a man who was a British by the passport he carried. In the aisle of the small plane paced a Turkish soldier with a mouthful of gold teeth, with my passport in his hand. He turned the pages and when he came to my photo in the passport, he gave out such a wicked devilish laugh and a fiendish glint in his eyes. All eyes were on him. Nothing good was on his mind I knew. I breathed a prayer to the Father for protection. It was only a short flight between Istanbul and the Cyprus airport. I needed my passport. How would a small mite of an Asian woman retrieve her passport? It was only that chorus and the prayer I breathed to the Lord that kept me cool to wait for His moment.

My kindly British neighbour, a stranger, stood up as the pilot announced for all seatbelts to be firmly fastened for landing. He got out of his seat, and unasked by me, stopped the soldier in his tracks in the aisle. He towered over the soldier and asked for the return of my passport so matter-of-factly. He just asked and the soldier so meekly just handed over the passport.

Yes, every moment of the day, My Father cared for me on that eventful trip. It was just one moment amongst many others He showed His care for me. I praise Him.

If He is your Father, He cares for you too. Do you know it?
It truly makes a difference.


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