Update on Seed Ministry – August 2011


SEED’s two-member team broke new ground recently in Nepal among Ethnic Tibetan Christian leaders and in Dhankuta, East Nepal.

We were pleasantly surprised to have about 30 Tibetan leaders attend a leadership conference where Allan taught on “Empowerment For Ministry” – essentially, teaching on the ministry and person of the Holy Spirit.
The full four-day conference consisted a total of nearly 25 hours of teaching and included some topics on Biblical Leadership as well.
Here are some of the feedback remarks from participants.
“I’ve been a Christian for 35 years, nine years as a pastor in Kathmandu. I’ve attended many seminars but none has blessed me like this one, to encourage me to carry on in ministry.” – Norpu Lama. – Guru (former secular school Vice-Principal).
All my 20 years as a believer in Jesus, I’ve not received good teaching like this on the Holy Spirit and on leadership. This conference has helped me understand much and I now feel confident to live in the Spirit and exercise His gifts.” – James (church Elder and talented music composer of Tibetan songs).

DHANKUTA, East Nepal,
Held over three days, both the Leadership Seminar and Healing Crusade were held in a local Baptistchurch.  This was the first ever Healing Crusade held in this region and, initially, we encountered spiritual resistance and unbelief.
Then, ALL YOU WONDERFUL SUPPORTERS PRAYED in Singapore…yes, we’re so thankful for the
people and churches that interceded…AND GOD ANSWERED!!
The final night saw a breakthrough, and the Holy Spirit moved in power to save and to heal.
Below are excerpts of a letter from Pastor Ramu of Dhankuta:

“Recently we had leadership seminar as well as Healing Crusade on 18-20 June, 2011 at Dhankuta
Baptist Church. The programme was so effective and it has positive impact on Christian\non-Christian society.
The speaker Rev. Allan Chan really challenged from Word of God and some of lessons were verynew for this area.
Evening time it was Healing Crusade and before healing time Rev. Allan Chan challenge people to receive Christ and more than 20 people accepted Christ as their Lord and saviour.
Rev. Allan Chan prayed individually for sick people – such as those suffering from paralysis, heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure, demon-possession and many others. Many people were healed..
One lady who came from far away, she came with two helpers. She needed two people to help her to walk or go to toilet, or for anything, she needed two people all the time.But first and second day, Rev. Allan prayed and she recovered and went back to her home walking by herself alone.
Really, God did miracles. Directly or indirectly nearly 500 people benefitted from the three days of powerful ministry.”  –Pastor Ramu

Thank you, all you PIPs, SEED supporters and friends who stood with us in prayer, encouraged us with your SMS messages and emails, gave liberally to the budget, sent us off at the airport with your prayers and blessings – YOU ALL SURELY SHARE IN WHAT GOD HAS MARVELLOUSLY DONE, a new thing in Nepal.
Rev. Allan Chan
SEED Ministries Limited
“Touching People, changing lives”

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